High-end technical solutions in many difficult and challenging applications


The Kenyon Group brings to the market a range of single- and two-component liquid polyurethane adhesives for bonding architectural panels, fire doors, aluminium and honeycomb panels, door panel fabrication, insulation and caravan panels under the trusted brand Henkel LOCTITE

These adhesives compliment the range of Henkel technologies that the Kenyon Group offers, opening doors to many new markets and new applications. Kenyon’s technical team like to solve gluing problems and we have the know-how and support to deliver the right product for your application.

One-component PUR adhesives are used in areas where easy application, reliability and durability are required. The concept of one-component PUR adhesives is based on the water reaction of the individual polyurethane compositions. They react with substrate moisture or ambient humidity.

PUR adhesives provide excellent flexibility and durability, and bond well to a large variety of materials

One-component Henkel LOCTITE UR adhesives, such as LOCTITE UR 7225, are mainly used for panel production and can be applied on larger surfaces with medium strength requirements. The products provide a foamed adhesive layer and therefore have gap filling properties, giving room for manufacturing tolerances.

Henkel LOCTITE UR products are free of VOC, and therefore applicable in normal – but well-ventilated– industrial environments.

Two-component PUR adhesives consist of a resin (component A) and a hardener (component B), which are mixed in a defined ratio. Most of the two-component polyurethane adhesives are used with Henkel LOCTITE UK 5400 or 5401 hardeners.  The customers’ needs and the resin component used determine which hardener should be chosen. 

Two-component systems are characterised by high tensile and shear strength as well as elasticity. They are perfectly suited for joints that are exposed to dynamic loads like vibrations or heavy impacts. Low-temperature durability and corrosion resistance are additional advantages.The benefits of the single- and two-component liquid polyurethane adhesives include:

  • Solvent-free
  • Good aging properties
  • Low calorific value for use in fire-retardant panels
  • Wide variety of physical properties
  • High process reliability
  • Designed for use at elevated and very low temperatures
  • Fast processing for high productivity

The Kenyon Group has been supplying adhesives since 1979, covering all aspects of manufacturing and assembly predominantly in the furniture manufacturing and related markets. The comapny’s expertise and knowledge has been gained over the years by offering a comprehensive range of market-leading adhesives technologies, UK stock-holding across three warehouses and delivery when the customer needs it.

Kenyon Group is proud to be a Henkel Premium Partner.

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