For the machining of laminated materials such as particleboards, MDF, plywood, veneered wood composites and also material found in the manufacture of caravans and motorhomes, Guhring UK has introduced a new line of up-cut down-cut compression tools. Manufacturers in the woodworking and modern material-production sectors can now machine these challenging materials with the confidence that the world-leading Guhring brand brings to the industry.

The issue when processing laminated materials is the potential delamination that is often found on entry, and break out caused by the cutting forces and the tool geometry being applied to the material. However, the opposing helix design of the new Guhring compression tools eradicates this issue for manufacturers while improving tool life, productivity and edge finishes. 

The compression cutters from Guhring incorporate a fluted design that enables customers to achieve optimal feed and productivity rates, with the assurance that the innovative tool geometry can eliminate the potential for workpiece chipping and delamination due to the two opposing helix geometries in a single tool.

The new Guhring compression tools are available in the two-flute or three -flute variants, to meet the complete needs of the industry. The solid carbide cutters are also available with different coatings as an optional extra, providing a technical advantage whether machining hard and abrasive materials or preventing edge build-up when machining at speeds from 15,000 to 35,000rpm. 

The coating technology is complemented by Guhring’s extremely hard-wearing solid carbide substrate, designed specifically for these types of materials, which prolongs tool life and wear resistance. The combination of the coating technology, geometry and solid carbide substrate enables this new series of tools to achieve feed rates of 15-40m/min when cutting at speeds up to 35,000rpm. The cutting parameters are dependent upon the end-user’s machine tool, material types and machining strategies, but the Guhring engineering team are experts that are on hand to help to maximise performance for end-users. 

The new three-flute compression tools are available in diameters from 6.35-16mm, with an overall length from 64-110mm, depending on the diameter selected. Each diameter range has a choice of a different up-cut helix and down-cut helix lengths, to suit the specific application of the end-user. 

This includes an up-cut flute geometry length from 5-10mm with a down-cut flute length from 20-55mm, depending on the diameter tool selected. The two-flute variant is offered in diameters from 6-16mm, with up-cut and down-cut flute lengths similar to the three-flute variant. For further information on how the new Guhring compression tools can improve the productivity of laminate and modern material machining, contact Guhring.

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