Lancashire-based Exel CNC has been manufacturing and supplying CNC routers for nearly 15 years. One of the UK’s largest and most longstanding suppliers, Exel CNC has built an enviable reputation for quality and customer service.

The company’s latest range of machinery includes the heavy-duty M1S series CNC router and the enclosed series CNC routing centres.

“Never before have we been able to bring such capable machines to market at such accessible pricing,” explains Exel CNC MD, Mark Hepworth. “Being an automation manufacturer first and foremost has enabled Exel CNC to use their skill and knowledge to develop and improve this series.

Exel's T690S CNC router

“The M1S is unrivalled in its category – a real heavy-duty CNC router, which features super-fast 60m/min rapids, a cast Z-axis assembly for maximum rigidity, LED status indicator, X-axis bellow system to stop dirt/dust ingress, powerful servo drives, the latest handheld colour controller, platform sizes include 8 x 4, 3 x 2m, etc. The M1S also comes in auto-toolchange variants.

“The enclosed CNC routing centres are something that Exel CNC pioneered in the UK over the last 10 years. It came first as a dealer requirement to have our machines go into schools (they needed the safety aspect), and were developed from there.

“We have CNC machining centres that are enclosed, so why not CNC routers? It has several real benefits: it provides a physical barrier for the operator, with its interlocked cabinet; it contains the dust and debris; and also reduces the noise impact. 

“The benefits are obvious for those customers seeking machines with limited room, clean environments, or who need them for secondary operations. We have customers with rows of these machines all nicely lined up.  

Exel's 1313M enclosed series CNC router

“Take our 1313M enclosed CNC router – it has a 4 x 4ft (1220 x 1220mm) working area, with a generous 305mm gantry clearance in the Z axis. Full servo machine, air-cooled spindle, vacuum bed, auto-tool setter and much more, for only £13,995, ex -VAT – incredible value for such a machine,” says Mark.

“We have a really good distributor network covering all industries – it is through our distributors that we implement a lot of improvements. We listen to what our customers want instead of just selling stock machines, and we offer tooling advice, production and fixturing assistance. The new series machines are already proving a big hit!”