Extremely Matt edgings still in vogue

Extremely matt surfaces make an elegant impression and are currently popular in kitchen, bathroom and home furnishings. For a perfect impression even on the narrow surfaces of furniture boards, Ostermann offers a growing selection of edgings with an Excellent Matt surface finish. Besides standard colours, there are more and more colourful unis. 

The variety of Ostermann edgings with extremely matt finishes has now increased to more than 50 different uni colours. And it is a growing trend. The spectrum reaches from various white tones to shades of beige and grey to deep black. Noteworthy are the many new edgings in rich plain colours; Ostermann has just extended the assortment, particularly in the blue and green spectrum. 

New shades of blue and green 

Besides dark shades of blue such as the edgings Indigo Blue, Bleu de Prusse or Blu Fes, Ostermann also supplies, with Bleu Pétrole, a solution with a maritime petrol tone. The light blue variant Horizon is also new. Matt green tones are found under names such as Lagoon, Verde Brac and Verde Comodoro. For an overview on all available edgings with an “Excellent Matt” finish, type in the search item #Highlights04 on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu

How to combine the edgings

The new uni colours can be combined quite well with neutral colours, such as matt white, beige and grey shades, or with light wood decors. Among the latter, even rather striking wood patterns are a fine choice to create special pieces of furniture. Meanwhile, the matt look of the surfaces gives the furniture an air of elegance and unique modernity. 

Matt, more Matt and Excellent Matt 

Besides edgings with an Excellent Matt surface, tradespeople will of course find ABS edgings with many other gloss levels and embossings at Ostermann. The variety of other gloss levels ranges from super matt and smooth to the extremely shiny Excellent gloss finish. There are additionally several different embossings, for example a wooden structured, stone or Linea structured embossing. 

All ABS edgings are supplied in small quantities from just one metre. Stocked goods ordered by 4pm will leave the warehouse that same day. 

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