Industry automation is a growing trend in many sectors, from wood to automotive and transportation, with customers requiring a complete package for automated manufacturing processes. 

To meet this demand, Mirka is introducing a range of new robotic sanding solutions including the Mirka AIOS sanding heads and the Mirka AIROP polishing head, which will join the Mirka AIROS, the first smart electric sander designed for robotic sanding applications. The products are engineered for Mirka describes as roboticised finessing, ensuring consistent quality while saving time.

For industrial processes such as furniture, doors and windows manufacturing where a rectangular sanding solution is required, the AIOS 353CV with its 81 x 133mm pad is suitable for surfaces and corners alike. It can be used to drive up productivity and finishing quality with robotic precision.

For sanding, the Mirka AIOS 130NV is aimed at spot repair work in an automated process such as in car and transport manufacturing.

The Mirka AIROS 150NV is the smallest AIROS sanding head, ideal for more confined spaces, detail work and sanding of small areas where deflashing or deburring is required. The Mirka AIROP 312NV is a random orbital polisher with an advanced electric polishing head for robot usage. Featuring a 77mm pad, it provides a robotic alternative to Mirka’s cordless polishers, and is compatible with Mirka’s polishing pads and compounds. 

Ian Deery, business sector manager transport and industry for Mirka UK, says, “More businesses are investing in automated manufacturing processes and tools are key to delivering effective results. The addition of the AIOS sanding heads and AIROP polishing head alongside the AIROS ensures we can provide our customers with a complete solution that is suitable for use across multiple applications and sectors.”