Space: It’s a valuable commodity for any manufacturer and something that is invariably in short supply. But why should the growth of your business, your product offering or your quality levels be restricted by the size of your workshop? Requiring just 5 sq m, the Evolution series of vertical CNC machines from Holz-Her offers a flexible and powerful solution for those keen to upgrade their production processes and capitalise on the wealth of benefits a Holz-Her CNC has to offer.

Holz-Her’s Evolution 7405 4mat offers complete processing on all fours sides in one clamping operation. Simply adjust the bottom jointing dimension and the rest is completed automatically

hilst the Evolution series is compact in size, it certainly doesn’t fall short with its impressive list of credentials. Take the Evolution 7405 4mat as an example: capable of working with panels measuring 1200mm high and designed to work with virtually unlimited lengths, it offers complete machining on all four edges of the workpiece, making it suitable for standard machining operations such as construction holes, cutouts and grooves.

Adding to the machines versatility, it comes equipped with automatic suction cup positioning (ideal for fast, error free setting) and includes automatic adaptation technology that adjusts to material thicknesses ranging from 8-70mm. 

An integrated six-position tool-changer for tools up to 110mm, a 10.3 kW electro spindle with HSK-F63 connector and a fully-equipped drilling head come as standard. As an option, the Evolution can be equipped with up to 22 drilling spindles and grooving saw

Standard features continue on the Evolution 7405 4mat with an integrated six-position tool-changer for tools up to 110mm, a 10.3 kW electro spindle with HSK-F63 connector and a fully-equipped drilling head, making the vertical CNC suitably equipped for milling, engraving, profiling and door processing applications.

The Evolution features fully automatic positioning of suction cups. The automatic vacuum clamping system ensures a secure hold that is gentle on panel materials and solid wood

In addition to the drilling of dowel holes, the Evolution 7405 4mat can be equipped with a patented X/Y tool-changer suitable for milling furniture connector pockets. Part of the ‘Connect’ package, this option mills for OVVO or Lamello connectors in the X and Y directions, as well as in all four edges of the workpieces in one clamping operation. To do this, the CNC is equipped with an additional seventh tool-changer location and aggregate with matching programming macro, making it quick and easy to produce carcass furniture and counter tops, as well as applications using solid wood and composite materials. 

The “Door Ready” package has been designed to make light work of door processing. In addition to the insertion of lock cases, handle holes and hinges, the package allows the milling of recesses for door closers and cold enemies

To expand the capabilities of this vertical CNC machine range even further, additional packages include ‘Door Ready’, which allows the complete machining of door blanks up to 70mm thick. Additionally, ‘Xcut’ automatically dimensions components from bought-in strips allowing for easy ripping and cross-cut operations that are stored on the machines computer, eliminating the need for cross-cuts. 

Workpieces with lengths up to 1500mm can be machined without re-clamping, reducing the machining cycle by up to 35%

Teamed with CAMPUS/NC Hops software, the Evolution’s software package provides the pre-requisites for effective machining and convenient operation. Open architecture software allows for the simple transfer of existing data and connection to a wide range of branch, design and CAD/CAM software, whilst the CNC’s EcoMode automatic standby control is a standard feature on all Holz-Her CNC’s to minimise power consumption.  

Paul Nightingale, national sales manager for Holz-Her UK says: “At Holz-Her, we believe manufacturers shouldn’t be restricted by the size of their workshop. That’s why our Evolution series offers a complete vertical machining solution in a compact format. It is a seriously flexible machine, ideally suited to a wide range of applications and companies, big or small. A highly capable, extremely flexible CNC that’s fast too, it requires approximately half the number of re-clamping cycles needed for long lengths compared to competitors, thus delivering faster cycle times and precise repeatability. This is truly a solution in a box. You can route, drill, Xcut, rip, machine for furniture fittings or even machine doors for locks and hinges. The Evolution: from small footprint to big output.” 

For further information, or to arrange a demonstration in Holz-Her UK’s Abingdon showroom, please call  01235 557600 or visit the company’s website.