From concept to completion, Pytha 3D CAD is one of the leading 3D CAD systems for the woodworking industry, furniture design, commercial joinery, high-end kitchen, exhibition planning and interior design sectors.

With its powerful Version 25, German software developer Pytha Lab sets high standards in the world of CAD. A particular highlight in V25 is the new, seamlessly integrated render engine, that allows high-end rendering directly in the Pytha modeller. Within seconds, users can now see a photo-realistic image without having to switch programs first. Afterwards, it is easy to continue working within the scene that has been created.

Pytha thus enables every user to achieve almost perfect results with little effort. No expert is needed for this – lighting a scene is really easy and straightforward.

 Intelligent brightness settings create stunning image calculations, whether day or night. An HDR-panorama image generates a natural and atmospheric light. Luminaires are easily and precisely matched to light values in lumens (brightness) and Kelvin (colour temperature). Frequently used lamp settings can of course be stored in a separate library and retrieved at any time.

The render engine now also features real indirect light, which gives the user a realistic colour impression. Improved materials give the scene a real vibrancy.

Pytha developers have also improved the speed of the calculation of a scene. An intelligent Noise filter called ‘denoising’ generates a finished image in the highest quality within seconds. This allows any user to render projects in photo-realistic quality and create convincing presentations.

These and many other new features are available with the Pytha Version 25.