In response to increased demand for incorporating monotone finishes in the home, Rehau has introduced an elegant new range of surfaces available in 12 timeless matte finishes.

The Rauvisio Noir range is crafted with high-quality materials to provide a modern, yet effortless look. From the nature-inspired Boxcar Blonde and classic Maltese Mist, through to the urban Silver Lake and Midnight Dash, the range offers a hue to suit any design – subtle or dramatic. The array of colours to choose from can be used to add a “flawless” finish to any kitchen, says Rehau.

The intense colour depth surfaces are scratch and fingerprint resistant, to maintain an untouched finish, even in the busiest of rooms. All components are also edgebanded with zero-joint technology, providing a seamless, heat- and moisture-resistant joint that prevents the build-up of germs to maintain a clean and hygienic surface.

The chemical- and stain-resistant finish makes the Rauvisio Noir range as suitable for food preparation in the kitchen as it is for open-plan dining spaces and cupboard doors. With a choice of either monotonic laminate matte surfaces available in 3050 x 1300 x 0.9mm, or pressed panels of super-refined MDF surrounded by laminate, available in 3050 x 1300 x 19 and 6mm, there are different options from which to choose to make the space bespoke. Edgebanding, floating shelves and custom cabinet doors are also included in the Rauvisio Noir range, to suit a wide range of projects.

Jonathan Heginbottom, national sales manager OEM for Rehau Furniture Solutions division, comments: “There is a real split between those who want kitchens with more striking colours and those who are after more subtle and calming designs. The Rauvisio Noir range caters to both of these tastes with a selection of sleek, matte finishes. Whether people are looking to add depth to the kitchen with dark counter tops or create a more open feel with lighter neutrals, the selection of monotonic hues offers a solution for all.

“As more people are spending more time inside during the pandemic, the kitchen truly has become the heart of the home, with families congregating here and using the space for different purposes. This has led to open-plan spaces becoming more popular, as kitchens have become more of a focal point, so customers want to use this to showcase craftmanship. Many are opting for a mix of matte and gloss finishes to produce a multi-dimensional, tactile experience which adds exciting contrast. As tastes continue to change, we are always developing new product lines to match.”