Blum provides matching dark fittings and cover caps for lift systems, doors and pull-outs


Blum aims to achieve furniture with the ‘wow’ effect through its fittings for wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs. At interzum 2021, not only did customers see (virtually) which design trends are currently shaping the furniture industry, but also saw the fittings manufacturer’s response in its product range.

At interzum 2021, the highly respected Austrian fittings manufacturer highlighted four selling points that are currently shaping furniture design. Blum used furniture transformed with fittings from the existing and soon-to-be-extended range to present all four of these trends.

It is very on-trend to use furniture to express one’s own style. Design is no longer just on the surface – it has also moved inside the furniture, here with the LEGRABOX special edition in noble rust

Dark surfaces

Dark materials are increasingly determining the outward appearance of furniture. Now Blum is taking this trend inside as well, with dark fittings. Entire living areas with a harmonious colour concept can be delivered across all applications. 

The Blum range for AVENTOS lift systems includes dark cover caps in dark grey. There is an extensive product line of CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges in onyx black, suitable for doors. And LEGRABOX pull-outs in carbon black matt bring a dark elegance to the base cabinet.

Discreet fittings enable minimalist design. AVENTOS HKi, the lift system that vanishes in the cabinet’s side, takes this idea and runs with it

Individuality – memorable furniture

LEGRABOX individual enables unique furniture design. With the new box system design level, customers can create their own drawer-side designs through printing, laser engraving or embossing in a mix of colours and materials. 

Blum also provides manufacturers with an easy way to stand out from the crowd – customisable branding elements. Manufacturers and brands can position their own logo throughout, on hinges, lift systems and box systems.

Surfaces with a metallic look create special effects, such as LEGRABOX individual, with large, golden, printed drawer sides

Metallics – highlights with a metal look

Elegant accents can be set with metallic elements. Some excitingly staged applications were on display on the Blum trade show stand – hinges in onyx black, branding elements in metallic gold, silver and copper, and LEGRABOX drawer sides in stainless steel with an anti-fingerprint finish and with metallic print colours.

Minimalism – simple beauty

Clear, straight lines, a design that is reduced to the basics, and large surfaces, were another important design element presented by Blum at interzum. 

The new concealed lift system AVENTOS HKi is hidden in the cabinet side. Handle-less fronts that owe their implementation to SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION and TIP-ON motion technologies ensure a minimalist furniture design. The EXPANDO T fixing system allows thin fronts made from exceptional materials to be used.

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