With over 50,000 units sold worldwide, we take a closer look at why the Glu Jet is such a popular solution for making ultra-thin glue joints achievable when using both PUR and EVA.

When it comes to Holz-Her’s patent-protected Glu Jet system, the numbers really do speak for themselves. With a four-minute changeover between EVA or PUR, three-minute heat-up time and two glue systems, it’s clear to see why the Glu Jet is a leading choice for craftsmen and industrial users looking for a consistent, high-quality glue application.

Zero joints on all edges with PUR 
The new Glu Jet thin film technology ensures glue penetrates deeply into the panel, providing a high-strength and invisible joint when using PUR. From state-of-the-art, high gloss edging right up to thick cross sections in solid wood, the Glu Jet makes flexible manufacturing a reality. Unlike laser applications, the system delivers zero glue line to solid wood, melamine, HPL, real wood coil and veneer.

Automatic cleaning operation 
Say goodbye to the complicated, labour-intensive cleaning of glue pots and glue rollers and hello to automatic cleaning at the push of a button. It really is that quick and easy.  Even when changing from EVA to PUR, the system takes just four minutes to complete its cleaning cycle compared to other processes that take can 12-14 hours.

Three minute heat-up time
From zero to operating temperature in just three minutes and back to zero just as quickly. A traditional edgbander can take over 15 minutes. 

Glu Jet PUR 2K
The XL Glu Jet station allows users to process 2kg glue cartridges, which are significantly less expensive than conventional PUR granules. A worthy investment for those using 2kg of PUR glue per day. 

100% adhesive force at all times 
The Glu Jet only ever melts the glue that is needed, ensuring that the glue always maintains its full adhesive force without losing strength from repeated heat-up. This process also saves energy, too. 

Precise application 
The Glu Jet features an optimised nozzle that automatically adapts to the thickness of a panel and compensates for any tolerances. This guarantees strong, clean joints between the panel and edging, even on panels with highly varying thicknesses – and it saves spoiled panels. There’s also a clever glue quantity monitor, so you’ll always know how much work can be completed.

Cartridges and granules 
Glue cartridges, glue granules or both. There’s no need to choose between the two with the Glu Jet and changeover is achievable in just two minutes. 

Four minute change over with EVA or PUR 
The patented Glu Jet system takes just four minutes to change from EVA to PUR and four minutes to clean down when using PUR thanks to its automatic cleaning system. Its hybrid technology also allows you to change from coloured to neutral glue quickly, allowing you to colour-match your EVA or minimise the glue line thickness when using PUR. 

Energy saving 
The Glu Jet only uses 2.1kw – three times less than a standard pre-melt machine – offering a potential saving of up to £2000 per year on your energy bill. 

Three year warranty 
Have extra peace of mind knowing your complete Glu Jet system is covered by a three-year warranty. That’s the Holz-Her quality guarantee. 

LTRONIC laser edging unit 
Holz-Her’s change-over Ltronic laser edging unit has been developed especially for the LUMINA series and processes all edging on the market with functional layers. Not only does the unit achieve perfectly invisible joints, it requires no heat-up time, operates silently and requires no cleaning work. 

Paul Nightingale, National Sales Manager, Holz-Her UK

“There is a reason why our existing Holz-Her customers have repeatedly proven their loyalty to our brand and placed their confidence in Holz-Her. Once they have moved away from using glue pots, they don’t want to move back. The advantages to using PUR are clear -  it offers a zero glueline, allowing you to enhance the overall aesthetics, whilst increasing performance – and thanks to decades of development, Holz-Her’s Glu Jet system delivers edgebanding in minutes.” 

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