AMS has added three new machine lines to its already impressive portfolio of Wadkin Bursgreen woodworking machinery, including two new ranges: wall saws and grinders, as well as new models within its crosscut range.

Since last year, AMS has been looking for new machines and models because of numerous customer requests. One of the ranges that was on the company’s minds for a while now were wall saw machines.

AMS director Steve McGloin says: “We have a big range of panel saws, but some of our customers prefer a wall saw because of restricted space in workshops. For years, we have been aware of machines out there but were looking for a top-quality wall saw – safe and easy for operation as all our Wadkin Bursgreen machines are”. 

He continues: “We have added the Wadkin Bursgreen Premium 4122 and Standard 4122 wall saws to our ever-expanding range of panel saws. The Wadkin Bursgreen wall saws have powerful main motors and can carry largest jumbo sheets that can be processed. The difference between the Standard and the Premium is that the latter also includes a digital measuring system, pneumatic locking to the saw head and a TRK extraction system.”

Another field that the Leicestershire woodworking company wanted to cover were grinders. The AMS Sales Manager said: During our 13 years of history, we have rebuilt and sold a lot of Wadkin NZs and Wadkin Visage grinders but we wanted to have our own Wadkin Bursgreen grinder with the latest state of the art technology”

AMS is well known and respected in the timber milling industry and with its Wadkin pedigree the Skeffington-based company has developed the Wadkin Bursgreen 320 NZ automatic straight knife grinder. 

This new machine is capable of accepting 320mm long blocks and can process up to 32 knives on a 320mm diameter cutting circle. All actions are controlled from the built-in PLC display – and the NZ name is a direct nod towards its Wadkin heritage which burns deep in the AMS team’s DNA.

The last incorporations are the Wadkin Bursgreen WB 640 and WB 700 radial arm crosscuts. The already comprehensive Wadkin Bursgreen crosscut range is composed of radial arm, upcut, high speed and automatic Anglemaster crosscuts.

AMS says the machines new will sit nicely either side of the existing classic WB 400 radial arm crosscut giving a wider range of material sizes to be processed.

AMS now has over 320 machines in stock with 42 installed in the demonstration area ready for customer demonstrations.

To book an appointment to visit the impressive AMS showroom, or to get more information, call 0844 844 9949 or email – as well as contacting them through Instagram or Facebook @wadkin_bursgreen.