Genisis 6 RTF Pro


Established in 1990, J & C O’Meara introduced the first of the Genisis machines around 15 years ago starting with the highly popular range of sliding table panel saws. This was followed with the introduction of the Genisis 512 edgebander in 2014 giving an affordable solution for those looking for a compact edgebander with pre-milling and corner rounding. 

Over the course of time, J & C’s customers have grown and expanded and naturally wanted more in terms of specification such as working with thicker materials, separate corner rounding, anti-adhesive spray if using PUR glue, and a nesting solution if they have purchased a CNC.

Genisis 6TF edgebander

With the addition of the new models, the Genisis range of edgebanders offers one of the most comprehensive solutions for panel processing companies, from the smaller company looking for a flexible machine with pre-milling and corner rounding to the high end industrial manufacturer looking for a PLC controlled machine with automatic setting.

The all new line up is all industrial, heavy duty machines manufactured in Europe. Features include a quick release glue pot and start with the Genisis Compact which is equipped with independent end trim saws, flush trim, profile scraping and buffing. 

This machine is aimed at the small-to medium-sized manufacturer who needs a versatile solution for the application of up to 3mm thickness tape on panels up to 60mm thick. The machine is also suitable for the application of real wood edging tape having quick exclusion of the scrapers.

Genisis Compact edgebander

The next model is the Genisis 6TF which is of a higher specification and includes features such as pre-milling, preheating of the edge, anti-adhesive spray, two end saws, flush trimming with nesting solution, profile and glue scrapers, solvent spray and buffers. This machine is controlled via an easy-to-use colour touchscreen with all operating elements easily accessible and with the scrapers having quick exclusion if applying real wood edging.

This is followed by the Genisis Pro RTF which also adds an independent corner rounding unit.

All machines run at a productive 10m/min and are currently available for demonstration at J & C’s impressive new Lancashire showroom.

Further machines to be added shortly include the high specification Genisis 2 RTF machines having two corner rounders available as manually set or auto set with CNC adjustments for the working units depending upon tape thickness and material height. These machines have a higher working speed of 14m/min.

For further information or to book a demonstration call 01704 893109 or visit refer to the company’s website