When it comes to environmentally friendly coatings for wood look no further than sirca S-Cover! Developed by market leading woodfinishing company sirca spa and sold and marketed in the UK by exclusive partner the ISF Group of companies

From the recovery of waste from the agro-food industry S-Cover is born the complete line of sustainable coatings that sirca offers for wood painting. The high quality level and production efficiency, always respecting the environment that surrounds us have led the sirca spa research and development department to study a wide range of waterborne coatings that guarantees to furniture,windows and doors excellent aesthetic qualities and excellent mechanical performances.

Sirca with S-Cover plays a pioneering role in the field of ecology and health protection adapting to the restrictive environmental and safety regulations in the workplace paying particular attention to resins and additives, in order to make there paints more and more respectful towards the environment and the people.

Sustainable development

The research work is the basis from the formulation of S-Cover coatings, the use of resins obtained from renewable resources traces the path of sustainable development helping Sirca to reduce the of fossil resources and the emission of greenhouse gases of production systems. 

All these activities are in line with the commitments made by 195 nations in Paris (COP21) to combat climate change and encourage interventions and investments for a sustainable low carbon resilient future.

The in depth study of the LCA (life cycle analysis) of its production has led sirca to find technical solutions useful for reducing the environmental impact of the components and of each production phase,with the aim of significantly limiting the carbon footprint by reducing the emission of VOC’s ( voluntary organic compounds)  and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

A choice according to nature

S-Cover combines the skills and the desire to think about tomorrow, respecting nature, the environment and future generations. The use of water and resins derived from  renewable resources of plant origin allow the entire product line to look out onto the green world guaranteeing the excellent technical performances of the coatings.

The S-Cover coating systems are designed by our technicians to satisfy both the aesthetic functional needs of our customers. Each system (there are specific ones for interior and exterior)  is subjected to rigorous and mechanical stress tests , such as natural and artificial ageing, Q-UV exposure (four times higher than standard exposure) permeability to water , exposure to harsh natural conditions. The totality of the tests are in line with the UNI EN 927-1/6 standard used as a reference both to measure the performance of the coated surfaces and to indicate the minimum values shared and accepted for these products

The full range of products covers stains, sealers, primers and lacquers specific to interior and exterior markets are available in both clear and pigmented systems

Mark Iliffe, sales and commercial director of Sirca UK, commented: “We are delighted with the uptake on these more environmental friendly coatings and have now taken steps to hold the full range of products in stock for next day delivery. There’s no doubt in my mind this is the future!”

Sirca UK has representatives and technical support covering the whole country ready and available to assist with any enquiry and can assist with any field trials.

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