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Cabinets and drawers without handles are nowadays a standard part of product portfolios of kitchens, bathrooms and living room furniture manufacturers. Their sleek designs with uninterrupted lines have considerable appeal to consumers and it’s becoming the norm. But as we’ll see, there are also efficiency gains for manufacturers, such as reduced complexity in terms of manufacturing processes and stock management, as well as greater appeal and the ability to stand out from the competition through modern design. 

In order to further complement its push latch technology, Titus has added considerable push-to-open expertise with the acquisition of the kinetics division the Simon Group. This means that Titus is uniquely positioned to bring to market the most innovative push-to-open solutions for drawers, pull-out organisers, cabinet doors, hinged furniture doors and interior sliding doors.

Titus ambientSlimline kitchen

Handle-less furniture is a standard part of elegant furniture ranges and push-to-open systems are widely used around the world. Additional practical benefits include the ability to hygienically clean the cabinets with no areas that could harbour bacteria such as around handles and knobs. 

And in order to offer customers the very best, Titus decided to upgrade handle-less furniture by including their established ‘ConfidentClose’ feature. The Titus Push Latch Gen2 incorporates a softener that controls the motion, making the opening action decisive but soft, sleek and precise, to the door’s right distance, not too slow and not too fast at the same time. 

With the second generation of push-to-open Titus follows the trend of furniture doors opening softly to eliminate the unnecessary bouncing of doors at the end of the opening process and the whole sequence is quiet and slow in motion. In this way, a thoroughly satisfying experience is offered to a customer wishing for both a soft opening and a gentle closing movement for their furniture closing mechanisms.

Titus Combination Black - push latch and shelf support

Push-to-open systems for drawers is flexible and ideally suited to modular furniture concepts. This is not only useful for double wall drawers, but also for various pull-out systems and wire baskets. The system, which is a one-for-all concept, ensures that a single mechanism fits various drawer sizes and can be assembled thanks to its fast and intuitive place and fix mounting. It is important to mention that the push-to-open is highly tolerant, which ensures reliable performance even if not all drill holes and installation are perfectly aligned. 

Like with most of Titus’ innovations, the push-to-open system is based on a modular approach, meaning that with minor modifications and a combination of standard components, specific requirements of various applications can be adapted. The compact design with soft-close and push-to-open in one unit offers multiple uses, from pantry units and other sliding systems where handles are not wanted for aesthetic reasons.

Crucially, the push-to-open furniture fits in with a modern desire for calm, quiet and inviting environments. Minimum effort, quiet operation and seamless design are at the core of the latest range – one that Titus believes will revolutionise the way we look at our home environments.