Hettich’s versatile AvanTech You drawer system earned the 2021 Interzum Award in the ‘High Product Quality’ category for outstanding design merit. The new stand-out design features which caught the jury’s eye include integrated lighting.

It is features such as this which reflect the growing megatrend of individualisation. It is reinforcing customer demand for customisation in addition to design flexibility in kitchen and home furnishings. 

This particular award spotlights outstanding design in terms of form and functionality. The slimline drawer side profile of a mere 13 mm with invisibly integrated front-panel adjustment function permits elegant, flawless design in any combination. It is the ideal setting for this signature lighting feature, which integrates in the profile both elegantly and easily.

Simply clipping into place, a designer profile illuminates open drawers on the inside in an even 4000K LED light, while creating an eye-catching feature on the outside too. The glass inlays have polished or ground edges to create distinctive lighting effects. 

Costly connections

A practical rechargeable battery pack provides the necessary energy, so there is no need for costly electrical connections, leaving high quality design with signature lighting to steal the show without any added cost.

Even at standard line up level, the AvanTech drawer platform provides a plethora of design combinations in terms of colour, shape and material. Providing the option of giving drawers signature lighting, AvanTech You plays with attractive design features that tick every box when it comes to contemporary taste and style.

Defined by design flexibility

Aside from this new lighting option, design flexibility touches every aspect of the AvanTech You drawer system. There are five drawer heights, numerous widths, three colours for the drawer and its internal organisation (silver, anthracite and white) and two runner system options (Actro or Quadro) on a single drilling pattern with up to 70kg load capacity, to suit different applications and market segments.

Practical benefits include the fact that no routing of the bottom panel is necessary. Manufacturers can choose screw-fitting the bottom panel or using clamps with the no-catch assembly. Rear panel corner connectors for wooden rear panels are no longer required.

Add the options of Push to open silent, customizable internal drawer front heights and materials, and individual drawer side printing with the facility for a branding clip, and you have infinite added-value possibilities.

Hettich was founded in 1888 and is today one of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturers of furniture fittings. Over 6700 members of staff in almost 80 countries work together towards the objective: developing intelligent technology for furniture. 

With it, Hettich fascinates people across the globe and is a valuable partner to the furniture industry, retailers and the trades. The Hettich brand stands for consistent values: for quality and innovation. For reliability and closeness to customers. Despite its size and international significance, Hettich has remained a family-owned business. Being independent of investors means that the company has a free hand in shaping its future with a focus on the human element and sustainability.

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