Renolit 3D Thermolaminate Black Premier Matt is perfect for monochrome interiors

Monochrome will always be a timeless classic with black and white being a colour combination that creates a minimalist yet striking contrast in living spaces. The monochrome trend continues to feature in fashion and interior design as a safe but pleasing to the eye colour scheme. 

The use of black and white in a monochromatic interior gives a fresh, clean and elegant look to any room.

Mixing Premium White and Black in Renolit’s new Premier Matt finish creates a colour combination with a sense of balance and a trend that isn’t dictated by change in seasons. By allowing one colour to be dominant this ensures the palette is more comfortable on the eye. 

Renolit Premier Matt is a decorative PVC film that is treated with an innovative Physical Surface Technology (PST) to create a matt appearance for furniture and interior design applications. The smooth to touch finish and appearance of Premier Matt means furnishings fit seamlessly into any room setting but also has the desired striking impact when placed against a contrasting colour. 

Black offers a sense of drama and modernism in an interior setting giving a contemporary appeal to even traditional spaces.

White is used to create a clean, simplistic finish to a room. Used on walls, furniture and the floor, white gives an impression of larger, lighter spaces.

Warm monochrome is a modern day newcomer to the colour schemes of interior design. Where black and white may appear too strict for some interiors and give a sense of starkness, warm monochrome interprets softer colours to create a blend of colours between the traditional black and white monochromes. By keeping one of the original components of monochrome but switching the contrasting colour for a softer version, a more gentle design is created. 

Graphite can be used to create an illusion of the darkness created by black in an interior whilst keeping Premium White as the dominant colour. 

Alternatively, Black Premier Matt remains as the accent colour and Premium White is replaced by a softer Taupe Grey. This creates a compelling interior using a wider spectrum of the colour palette.

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