Since 1979 Italian firm Essetre Srl has excelled in the project design and manufacture of NC woodworking centres. With regular innovative developments as standard, the company has recently introduced its Fusion and Fusion Long work centres.

Fusion is a machine with the capability to both cut and edgeband pre-fab panels while using minimal space: this marks a big change from the traditional panel saw and edgebanding systems.

Fusion will precisely cut and finish the pre-fab panels by use of both main saw and scoring blades. It is equipped with the latest edgebanding capabilities with a glue application unit for edges up to 80mm thickness; the glue applied is either polyurethane or pre-melt types.

For excellent edge trimming, the machine uses a revolver head with four trimmers using copying devices.  NC of the copying devices guides the panel’s profile accurately, which ensures quality results on a variety of edge materials including melamine, laminate, ABS, unicolor and so forth.

Thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies and following Industry 4.0 directives, the end user can readily achieve the following from the pre-fab panels, such as: furniture components, work surfaces and tops, shelving and table tops.

Fusion Long is a working centre covered by international patents that allows simultaneous sectioning and edgebanding of elements longitudinally in the required widths.

Fusion Long needs reduced spaces and allows fully automated in-line production, without needing the presence of operators; thus revolutionising and complementing the traditional system which Essetre says is six times more bulky. 

Fusion Long saws and edgebands the element by joining together the proven system of sawing and edge-banding in a new group created with a double blade with engraver. 

Furthermore, two NC controlled spindle moulder-units allow to obtain a precise and finished cut.

Fusion Long, provided with the most recent technologies for edgebanding, has a gluing unit for edges up to 80mm high, with availability of melting and polyurethanic glue tanks and the relating pre melting devices.

The excellent finishing of the various edge thicknesses is guaranteed thanks to trimming units provided with copying devices which are managed by the NC and follow precisely the bar’s profile, obtaining in this way the best results on edges of each material, for example melamine paper, laminate, ABS and more.

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