Power Adhesives says its he Knottec system from is the fastest way to repair knot defects and other forms of deep wood damage.

The Essex-based adhesives expert says that knots and deep scratches in wood can be filled quickly and easily using a special knot-filling adhesive that is applied with a 12mm Tec® hot melt glue gun. The system also includes a pair of handy heat-sink blocks that can be used to create a ‘form’ around any knot holes that go through, or are on the edge of, areas of wood that need repair.

Once the damaged area has been filled, the Knottec knot-filling adhesive takes just minutes to cool before the excess can be trimmed with a flush plane tool, such as the Mouseplane. The repaired area can then be sanded, painted or treated as normal, achieving a high-quality finish to the restored wood.

Knottec is said to be ‘perfect’ for making repairs to wood flooring, doors, window frames, furniture, and more. This knot-filling adhesive is also available in fifteen different colours to help users achieve the best colour match possible. 

This impressive repair process for knot defects and other forms of deep wood damage can now be used with the fully portable B-Tec 308 and 808 glue guns. 

The compact B-Tec 308, and the larger, higher output B-Tec 808 battery-powered glue guns both feature an Eco-mode setting that will significantly extend the battery life for any given battery size. 

B-tec 308 users can work for up to hours hours, uninterrupted, while B-Tec 808 users can work for up to 3.5 hours.

The B-Tec cordless glue guns have been designed to use the widely available Ryobi 18v ONE+ range of lithium+ batteries and chargers.

When used with a Badaptor battery adaptor, customers can use their 18V DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch Professional, Ridgid or AEG battery with their B-Tec cordless glue gun, or in any tool that takes a Ryobi 18V battery. 

Power Adhesives offers a choice of two additional mains-powered 12mm glue guns for use with the Knottec system – the light industrial Tec 305 and the professional tec 820 – as well as the Mouseplane tool for trimming away excess glue. 

Cost-effective Knottec kits, containing everything users need to get started in a practical carry case, are also available.

Power Adhesives manufactures the largest range of industrial glue guns and high performance shaped hot melt adhesives at its Basildon plant in the UK. Its products are sold through a network of specialist distributors around the world.

A continuous programme of research and development ensures that the company continue to meet the ever changing needs of industry, with innovative solutions like the Knottec system.

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