Robust and precise with the POWER-Maka five-axis head

Maka, a leader in five-axis CNC machining centres offer an enhanced PM-modular, for greater flexibility, and productivity.

Maka has enhanced the new PM-modular to improve its capabilities, and expand the user’s ability to produce the highest quality bespoke joinery components.

The all new PM-modular is comprehensively bundled with an array of application-oriented equipment for Joinery. Five-axis machining, is just half the story – the Maka’s inherent precision enables users to clamp and machine almost any component, making the PM ideal for ambitious beginners and experienced professionals, for high-volume, and high-value bespoke joinery.

Sleek and easy to navigate Maka controls provide complete connectivity with Siemens Sinumerik ONE

Maka’s CNC’s remain in high demand not only due to their reliability, but also because they are intelligently configured for joiners.

The advantages are real and clear:

  • more accessible
  • faster tool changes
  • improved clamping flexibility
  • safer, cleaner and easier to use
  • robust, powerful
  • reliable and precise

The PM-modular is ideal for those joiners demanding the highest quality, without compromise will help take a business to the next level.

As Maka UK’s MD, Iain Young, says “Machining bespoke joinery, anything, from a simple string to a complex handrail, or bespoke windows, are all easier and quicker to machine right first time on the new PM-modular.”

Maka Systems GmbH has over 70 years of experience in specialised CNC machining centres, remain committed and passionate about providing uncompromising solutions for specific applications, including joinery, and provide comprehensive and high level support from their subsidiary in Telford. For further details contact Iain Young on 07836 295434.