Since the MB Profile Brush sanders were introduced to the UK market in 2018, John Penny Woodworking Machinery has seen an amazing increase in demand, and already has a number of very successful installations across the industry. 

MB Maschinenbau is a family business of over 30 years, located in northern Germany at its Herford headquarters. The machines are designed by its owner Ronald Bush, who is supported by his wife and two sons, along with a team of 30 employees.

The need for profile sanding in the UK is increasing and manual sanding is just not a sensible option, especially with rising labour costs. MB offers a wide range of through feed sanding machines for solid wood, MDF, veneer-wrapped profiles and lacquer or primer sanding applications. 

John Penny Woodworking Machinery can also equip the sanders for specialist product ranges like structured finish and texturing systems with a fast and simple tool change. This makes for a very flexible machine for timber claddings and specialist furniture applications. 

To ensure the very best quality and life of the sanding paper, MB has one clear and simple physiology of putting as much sanding paper as possible in contact with the work piece. The MB Roba Profile N range starts with sanding heads at 400mm diameter, containing 54 MB Flex sanding strips. Each side of the work piece is sanded by two of these heads rotating clockwise and counter clockwise. It this way, it ensures that all fibres are sanded in which ever direction they lay. Especially after priming this principle is a gaurantee to achieve smooth surfaces.

Further enhancing the quality of the finish and ensuring the longevity of the sanding paper, each of the heads is equipped with automatic oscillation as standard. The Roba Profile works with cross sections up to 300mm x 100mm and, with a modular sanding aggregate configuration that can be made to suit specific customer requirements.

The profile sanding ranges from MB work to a fixed right-hand fence so integration to moulding and finishing lines are commonplace, working from speeds of 6 to 80m/min and above.

Further to the Roba Profile, MB offers an upgraded Roba Belt sanding aggregate for faster feed speeds and heavier sanding requirements. The Roba Belt aggregate offers a greater sanding area of 750 x 300mm again with oscillation as standard. The head is fitted with 122 sanding strips of the company’s own-manufactured MB Flex system. The Roba Belt is more than capable in high speed applications with more than 80m/min upon request – and in the heaviest sanding demands of hardwood.

All of the MB profile sanding machines are fitted with Touch Screen control making for swift and accurate profile changes. The control panel offers the ability to store and save profile data and is equipped with a service schedule. The machine will prompt for standard service requirements and customers can schedule sanding paper change times dependant on production based on a built-in metre counter.

All of the sanders are supplied with a full safety enclosure for a dust free company environment and doors are interlocked to protect the operators.

All MB machines are supplied with a network connection which links through internet back to MB.  This in online connection with our service support team offering a help desk open for calls between the hours of 7.00 and 22.00 CET putting MB at the forefront of profile sanding technology.

For further information, contact John Penny Woodworking Machinery and ask for the company’s profile sanding expert, Dean Grimbley, for advice.

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