SCM stands out as a unique partner for the entire surfaces treatment process, with all-round products and services, as well as exclusive, sought-after finishing solutions which are able to meet all the process and end product type requirements.

SCM’s extensive range of Superfici technologies ensures the supply of integrated painting lines of all kinds, for exclusive and sophisticated finishing solutions.

Today, the extensive offer of DMC technologies for sanding, Sergiani for pressing and Superfici for finishing is further enhanced with new devices and models to meet all the process and end product type requirements.


SCM’s Sergiani pressing solutions are designed for the lamination of panels with 3D surfaces and the production of blockboard panels.

The Sergiani 3d form and Sergiani 3d form hp presses can satisfy any production demand – from the versions with a single manual tray right up to the one with three automatic trays that cut the cycle time to just the pressing time for any kind of machining.

Sergiani 3d Form

This can be achieved with both high gloss coatings and more complex three-dimensional shapes, guaranteeing a product of unparalleled quality.

Also on offer is the Sergiani gsl-a – a press for continuous production of blockboard panels with automatic loading/unloading to guarantee high flexibility and productivity. Highly configurable to meet customer’s demands, it presents different blockboard loading solutions and the option of adding pneumatic stops to create multi-row panels.



The latest DMC products are easy-to-use solutions with high productivity and keep in mind the specific needs of the individual customer, especially research into high quality finishing and an improved user experience in production cycles.

The protagonist is the new eye-S control panel of the DMC SD that, as of January 2022, will replace the LOGIC SC and PRO-SAND electronic control panels.

Another new entry is the brand new planetary unit on the DMC Eurosystem, designed to create any kind of finishing effects.

Lastly, the carving unit, on the top-of-the-range DMC system sanding machines, achieves sophisticated three-dimensional effects.



Superfici’s new realease is the valtorta bravo 2 – the two-arm Cartesian robot, designed to halve spraying times without sacrificing excellent quality.

The seven axis (extendible to 11) maestro robot, developed for window and door painting lines, has also been updated. New devices and software result in an even faster change of colour, ideal for ‘batch 1’ production needs.

A key player is the new compact xl sprayer, designed to satisfy a higher production capacity and ensure a perfect handling of the overspray in the spraying booth.

Combined with the excimatt innovative excimer UV system, it creates exceptional super-opaque finishing, a surprisingly silky effect, (if requested) and an incomparable surface resistance thanks to the absence of mattifying agents in the product.

Indeed, excimatt allows for a mechanical micro-texturing to be achieved on the layer of paint applied. This replaces the opaqueness achieved using chemical additives that would normally reduce the scratch resistance on the final painted surface.

This technology is extremely effective when treating flat, shaped surfaces, and on the profile, thanks to specific Superfici devices for three-dimensional spraying.

Excimatt can be applied in roller lines or in thin layers for flat surface painting, and in spray lines to finish shaped panels and edges.

Benefits include:

  • Maximum focus on the environment and cutting consumption, thanks to particular energy saving devices that reduce air and water volumes needed for ventilation and cleaning.
  • Fast, first class cleaning, thanks to the filters with automatic change, an innovative, fast cleaning system for the paint recovery unit, and air circulation conditions that are always optimal in the spraying environment.
  • An even simpler, more integrated use with other SCM group technologies thanks to the new Maestro Active Finishing software control.

Sergiani 3d form

DMC carving unit

Compact xl sprayer