Pictured above: Paoloni 450 AX panel saw

Ney N-45 panel saw

The Ney N-45 panel saw has been built specifically for Ney and is engineered to a very high standard, incorporating design details which make the machine a pleasure to use. It has a high specification and offers outstanding value for moNey, says Ney. 

The saw is part of a series of hi-tech low cost machines which Ney has put its name to, meaning that users can rest assured of its quality and functionality. The Ney range will offer value for moNey, combined with engineering standards that are a prerequisite of modern machinery today.

The motor group inclines to 45º electrically via a button at the front of the machine with a gravitational display. Rise and fall of the blade is also motorised for ease and speed of setting and a central lubrication system ensures prolonged trouble-free operation of this group.

The vertical and lateral adjustment of the scriber is by manual adjustment. The anodised aluminium sliding table has a stroke of 3200mm and the rip fence capacity is 1300mm. The machine will accept a 400mm diameter saw blade without the need to remove the scriber, giving a max cutting height of 155 mm at 90º and 110 mm at 45º.

Paoloni 450 AX panel saw

Most manufacturers work on a job by job basis, whether they are producing two or 20 kitchens a week. This is great for work flow, minimising jobs on the shop floor and saving valuable space occupied by finished goods or work in progress. The downside is that some operations, such as cutting sheets and sizing components, take longer than they should.

Most sawyers will tell you they spend more time walking around the machine to set the rip fence than they do actually cutting. The old adage of measure twice and cut once only compounds the problem.

The Paoloni 450 AX panel saw goes a long way to resolving this problem.

Additionally, the ability to raise, lower and tilt the main blade as well as adjust the scriber from the front of the machine at the touch of a button, is attractive. When you add on the motorised rip fence with the ability to create a simple cut list, the advantages of the machine become apparent. 

At a price which is attractive to even the smaller manufacturer, the time savings alone, coupled with the potential increased capacity, make a visit to Ney’s Coventry showroom an attractive proposition.

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