Hybrid decors combine typical visual characteristics of two different materials. Take for example stone and metal, slate and metal, textile and metal, or even rust combined with the coolness of glossy metal. Ostermann provides matching ABS edgings for the look.

Selecting the right decor for furniture is not always straightforward. Do customers prefer the look of stone, textile or rust? Or rather that of glossy metal? Why not both? The ABS edgings Anthracite Metal Rock, Anthracite Metal Fabric, Black gold Metal Slate and Ferro Bronze have fantasy decors that combine the look of rusty iron, stone, textile or slate with vivid metal effects.

These edgings can be used just as well for worktops as for expressive fronts or entire living room, bathroom or kitchen furniture. They are available at Ostermann in dimensions of 23, 33, 43 and 100 x 1 or 2mm, and supplied from small quantities of just one metre. Find all information on the products by typing in the search item “#Highlights11” on the Ostermann website www.ostermann.eu.

ABS edgings Anthracite Metal Rock

At first glance, the edging appears to be a classic stone reproduction. Only the correlation with light manifests its artful metal look with matt and gloss effects. The stone finish emphasises the pearlescent character of the decor, and the composition of anthracite and brownish contrasts with scattered lighter and darker inclusions makes the edging an ideal counterpart for wood decors and warm grey hues.

Anthracite Metal Fabric

Visually reminiscent of both classic tweed and a brushed steal plate, Anthracite Metal Fabric features gloss and interspersed blue-grey areas, adding a metallic effect to the brown-grey basic colour of the edging. With its blue tinge, the edging can be combined well with cool-grey uni colours, blueish white or whitish woods.

Black Gold Metal Slate

On this edging, dark slate was put together with shimmering gold-coloured metal to form a new hybrid decor. The golden shimmer, added like powder to the dark brown basic colour of the slate reproduction, leads to a very homely and warm impression. The filigree embossing of the surface imitates the natural structure of slate. In interior design, the edging with its dark basic colour goes together harmoniously with realistic wood decors, where the dark brown is mainly reflected in the knotholes and cracks.

Ferro Bronze

The ABS edging, Ferro Bronze, looks like a piece from a weathered iron plate: unregular changes between lighter and darker tones of copper and bronze produce an authentic impression which is further enhanced by a realistic embossing and the irregularly proportioned metallic gloss.

The edging goes equally well with lighter wood decors and with uni boards or material reproductions in the monochrome grey or beige colour spectrum.


Ostermann’s edgings with hybrid decors unite the visual characteristics of two different materials: a metallic gloss on stone, slate, textile or rust reproductions gives them an entirely new look