Renolit’s new Autumn/Winter collection incorporates six exciting new decors, delivering high performing products that are realistic in appearance and align perfectly with current fashionable trends.

The new introductions are announced twice a year in seasonal Renolit trend collections, which bring the most sought-after designs and colours to the forefront. All products are available as stock items and are ready to order.


Premium White Paintflow is a unique new textured surface developed to replicate the look and finish of painted wood. The surface structure combines a distinctive new woodgrain structure, finished with the aesthetically pleasing smooth matt surface finish of Premier Matt.

The distinctive engraving of the woodgrain design is highly visual and has been specifically created so that it replicates the flow of paint as it runs into the depths of the rounded valleys, culminating in a realistic and pleasing effect.

Premier matt solid colours

Two new trend colours, combined with the superior Premier Matt surface, are now available. Reed Green Premier Matt is a mid-tone green that evokes calm and serenity and is just right for a more subtle take on the green interior trend. 

Angora Grey Premier Matt, a soft beige with a gentle red undertone, is ideal for the neutrals trend. It adds calm to any design and can be paired with a multitude of complementary colours. 

Felt textile style

Material mixing is right on-trend, and felts are the breakout star. Renolit has created ‘Haithabu Light Grey’ and ‘Haithabu Dark Grey’ with an embossed fleece surface that looks and feels just like felt and adds a cosy cottage vibe to a design, without being kitschy.

While they look just like textiles, the Haithabu Greys are easy to clean and very robust, making them the perfect fit for any room, as well as shop fitting or office applications.


Gran Sasso Light Grey is a stone design with a visually matching undulating tactile surface texture. The design looks like it has been created by rain and wind flowing across over time, wearing away small craters. A depth of field produced by light-dark contrasts emphasises the structure of the design, creating a liveliness with a natural touch that resembles stone or a roughly plastered wall.

Find further information and order samples at, or phone 01670 718222 to speak to the customer care team.