The JumboFlex Picker, developed by Schmalz and already in use within multiple applications, offers a self-sufficient solution for mobile order picking of packages weighing up to 40kg. In applications where it is not possible for the goods to be presented directly to the vacuum tube lifter, a standard industrial truck is all that is required to move the JumboFlex Picker technology and the pallet to the desired place. 

The various components which make up the JumboFlex Picker include the basic module, which houses a battery; a vacuum generator and the necessary control technology. Attached to this are forks – which Schmalz offers in a Euro version and for GMA pallets in two lengths, for one or two pallets – and a lifting column which is mounted either on the left or right of the basic module. 

The electrically-adjustable lifting column increases the operating range of the tube lifter during use and this can then be retracted when required for transport. The lifting column carries a crane jib to which the ergonomic vacuum tube lifter is mounted. To move the JumboFlex Picker to its place of use, users simply drive under it with their existing industrial truck – such as an order picker. The patented design of the crane jib, with its articulated arm, allows the JumboFlex Picker to be used with vehicles that have a double fork length and can pick up to two pallets.  

Quick and easy operation thanks to automated processes 

As is typical for all Schmalz technologies, operation is both intuitive and safe. Once the mobile JumboFlex Picker is on-site, the user simply starts the vacuum tube lifter via the SRC radio remote control. Immediately, four support legs on the base module extend automatically and stabilise the mobile vacuum handling system. When being moved to another location, the supports retract again automatically as soon as the extension arm is locked in its parking position. At the same time, the JumboFlex powers down. 

These automated operations save time and speed up the handling cycles. The user can view all relevant information on the operating mode, battery charge and the position of the lifting column on a touch screen display. Control operations are also carried out via the monitor. Soft keys give the user access to the most important functions, even when wearing gloves.

The smooth-running articulated arm design of the crane jib makes it possible for the user to reach workpieces in a radius of around 1,600mm. In addition, the electrically-operated lifting column provides around 1,300mm of lifting range for the vacuum tube lifter, making it possible to quickly and easily configure the unit for the handling tasks required. For example, when using a standard gripper, a maximum gripping height of up to 1,800mm can be achieved. 

As part of Schmalz’s current product range, the JumboFlex vacuum tube lifter is equipped ex-works with the company’s familiar quick-change adapter. This means that the right gripper is always available for every workpiece. When moving the unit through doors, gates or other access areas, the lifting column can be lowered to less than 2,100mm – so the mobile vacuum tube lifter, which is less than one metre wide, fits through any door.

Self-sufficiency through on-board battery

The JumboFlex Picker draws its energy from a powerful lead-acid battery, a type which is also used on industrial trucks. Its capacity is sufficient for six hours of continuous operation and in most cases is capable of completing a full shift. Intermediate charging is not required as, for multi-shift operation, the battery can simply be exchanged for a new fully charged battery.

The JumboFlex Picker is in demand for applications where a stationary solution cannot reach, for block and floor storage, or as an in-house goods distribution solution based on the milkrun principle. As a left-hand or right-hand version, and combinable with different forks for the US and EU markets, this innovative mobile ergonomic solution from Schmalz fits into every modern logistics concept.

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