Multiplex boards are a high-quality option for furniture making due to their stability, flexibility, and their distinctive edges. With furniture edgings, the classic plywood look can also be applied perfectly to a particle board. Ostermann has several edging materials available for this – ABS, acrylic and real wood. 

For those wishing to upgrade the edges of chipboard panels with a plywood look, Ostermann offers numerous solutions, from ABS and 3D acrylic to wood veneer and real wood edgings. 

Each edging material has its advantages. Carpenters/cabinet makers can access an overview of the entire multiplex range at Ostermann under the search item “#Highlights01” on the Ostermann website – 

The versatile classic – ABS

A classic edging material, ABS offers craftspeople an extensive variety of dimensions and decors. Highly practical, all Ostermann ABS edgings with multiplex decor are available in various widths up to 100mm, and most are also available in two thicknesses – 1 and 2mm. With the Multiplex Birch smooth decor, Ostermann also offers a thin ABS edging in 0.4mm thickness. 

Design highlights 

The ABS edging, Multiplex Plywood smooth – which renders the classic multiplex decor particularly vividly with its darker, fine details – is definitely worth considering. 

Another design tip from the Ostermann experts is the ABS edging – Multiplex black-white. The monochrome plywood look allows black or white particle boards to be transformed into special designer pieces.

Alternatively, the ABS edging – Compact-Style Multiplex - white smooth is also available for white chipboard panels. The white side stripes of the edging perfectly complement a white particle board. 

In the middle, the edging has a wide strip with attractive multiplex decor. The appearance of a high-quality multiplex board is created at the edges, pressed on both sides with homogeneously-coloured white laminate.

With depth effect – 3D acrylic

Thanks to their printed decor, 3D acrylic edgings from Ostermann give an impressive appearance of depth. And, of course, Ostermann also offers a plywood-look edging in this material. The 3D acrylic Real Multiplex smooth edging comes in standard widths of 23, 33, 43 and 100mm, and in thicknesses of 1 and 2mm. 

Genuine and elegant – wood veneer and real wood 

Multiplex real wood edgings are characterised by naturalness and sustainability. They provide an elegant finish for high-quality board surfaces such as linoleum. The rolls are available in beech and birch in widths of 24, 30, 33 and 43mm, and in various thicknesses, with a roll length of 50m. Carpenters/cabinet makers can also find multiplex edgings as stock items at Ostermann. 

• The Multiplex Beech veneer edging is available as a sanded, steamed and unsteamed variant, with dimensions of 24 x 2mm and a length of 3100mm. 

• The Real Multiplex Birch sanded veneer edging is available in widths of 23 or 43mm, with a thickness of 2.65mm and a length of 4000mm. 

• The wood veneer edging Multiplex Beech + Maple sanded is available with a width of 42mm, a thickness of 10mm, and a length of 3100mm.

Ordered quickly – delivered quickly 

With a proven fast delivery service for stock items, Ostermann supplies furniture edgings in any length starting from 1m and in any width up to 100mm. As one of Europe’s largest edging ranges, there are more than 12,000 edgings for surfaces from over 70 board suppliers. Always included: the perfect edgings for the latest furniture trends!