The furniture industry is constantly adapting to an ever-increasing demand for greater operational safety, more sustainable materials and compliance to stricter regulations, like REACH. Henkel’s comprehensive portfolio of high-performance bonding solutions, combined with Kenyon Group’s technical expertise, helps you excel in all applications around furniture manufacturing.

  • High performance bonding with ME
  • Technomelt PUR Micro Emission adhesives offer all the advantages of conventional PUR hotmelt adhesives, including:
  • Best in class heat resistance
  • Unmatched moisture resistance
  • Broad adhesion spectrum
  • Low adhesive application weight

Supplied from stock in 2kg blocks, 20 and 200kg drums, Micro Emission adhesives provide an attractive proposition for the future, both in terms of customers’ needs and the welfare of the planet. Changing to Technomelt Micro Emission adhesive not only improves your microclimate, but simultaneously improves production.

More safety with ME

Together with polyols, Dipehnyl-methane diisocyanate (MDI) is a key component of a reactive polyurethane adhesive (PUR) – necessary for the cross-linking reaction and outstanding bonding performance. Depending on the concentration, diisocyanate carries a health risk when emitted as a vapor.

Containing less than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanate, Technomelt PUR Micro Emission adhesives have no hazardous label, do not require specific professional training for operators, and offer an easy and safe handling in production.

Nobody likes warning labels, and the fact that these can now be eliminated has huge benefits not only to the company but for end users, whilst still providing them with a PUR adhesive used for bonding all commonly used edging materials; PVC, ABS, veneer and solid wood to core boards.

More sustainability with ME

Technomelt PUR Micro Emission adhesives not only protect the safety of operators, but also the environment. Contributing to the carbon footprint reduction, Henkel’s ME adhesives use less intensive CO2 raw materials and require a lower working temperature, consequently saving energy. 

The company now has the ability to meet the demands put forward by customers and deliver on what is expected in these ever-changing times.

Technomelt Micro Emission PUR adhesives offer everything you would expect from a Henkel PUR adhesive – low coat weight, tight joints, invisible glue lines, exceptional high performance combined with excellent heat and water resistance. And these grades have less environmental impact – the complete all-round package.

For further information on ME technologies for edgebanding, flat lamination or profile wrapping, call the technical team on 0161 627 1001, email or visit