Meler offers complete solutions for thermoplastic and reactive adhesive application in the furniture industry. Each installation is unique, but all manufacturers share common production challenges for which the know-how of Meler offers a solution.  

Adhesive application technology in the wood industry allows significant improvements to be made with regard to moisture and temperature, and also improves the mechanical resistance of materials. However, attaining an installation for the efficient application of industrial adhesives is not always easy. Meler, a specialist in the manufacture of complete bonding systems, highlights the key aspects for achieving profitability within this business.

Easy-clean technology to reduce maintenance costs

The production capacity of the work lines and the quality of the final product largely depend on good maintenance. It is vital to facilitate “in-situ” cleaning tasks through full accessibility to the interior of the machines, offering greater modularity in the design of components to guarantee usability and the autonomy of the line operator. Meler easy-clean technology arises from the user experience to optimise daily work in a 100% safe environment.

Energy efficiency and care for the adhesive 

The right technology allows the bonding temperature of the adhesives to be precisely controlled, as well as the necessary quantity for each application. We are talking about “on demand bonding”: a technology that guarantees minimal energy consumption, and which also keeps the adhesive in perfect conditions, avoiding costs associated with poor maintenance. The Meler range of fusers offers this functionality even in high production demand situations thanks to its non-stop design, which allows the adhesive to be reloaded without the need to stop production. 

Specific solutions for each application

The needs of manufacturers depend on the characteristics of their production processes. While some opt to use more economical adhesives, such as EVA for bonding edges, others prefer to use PUR due to its resistance to water and heat.

In recent years, Meler has seen demand for closed systems with lamination applicators grow due to their advantages in terms of maintenance and cleaning. The market is evolving and the key lies in knowing how to assist clients in their production challenges, offering them a full range of specific solutions. 

Focke Meler is a business group founded in 1988 that is present in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the UK and the US and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of solutions for the application of hot-melt adhesives and sealants in numerous industrial sectors. 

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