Elcon vertical panel saws provide safe and accurate cutting solutions not only for wood-based panels, but also advanced materials including plastics, non-ferrous metals and composites. Croylek Ltd of Croyden recently invested in an Elcon 155DS wall saw to provide an in-house precision cut-to-size service. Phenolic boards, epoxy glass panels and other insulation materials are processed on demand to customers’ exact requirements.

Previously Croylek had outsourced the cutting or used CNC machines to route material to size, but this proved slow and inefficient. “The Elcon certainly gives us a much quicker turnaround on jobs,” comments general manager, Gary Bowyer. “That in itself makes the work more economic so we can offer better pricing for the products to our customers. It’s also a clean and relatively quiet operation compared to other sawing operations we run elsewhere in the factory.” 

The Elcon DS model includes double cut scoring, automatic frame adjustment and repeat strip cutting facility as standard. As part of the specification, Croylek opted for electronic digital scales to the vertical and horizontal cutting positions, allowing for repeat cutting accuracy between operators of just 0.1mm.

Gary enthuses: “Daltons Wadkin have been very attentive to our needs and requirements. They were proactive in helping us with the part exchange of an existing machine as part of the purchase package, which we were very happy about. 

“The after sales service has also been very good, particularly with regard to the training of our staff.”

Daltons Wadkin, sole distributors for Elcon in the UK and Ireland, provided a turnkey installation package including delivery, offloading, commissioning and certificated operator training. Ongoing support is provided for the lifetime of the machine through regionally-based service engineers.

Watch the video interview with Gary Bowyer on the Daltons Wadkin YouTube - https://youtu.be/lWQvXF-LlmQ.

For more information on the range of Elcon vertical panel saws, contact Daltons Wadkin on 0115 986 5201, email info@daltonswadkin.com or visit www.daltonswadkin.com