Paintflow is a new and exciting textured surface developed to replicate the look and finish of painted wood. The surface combines a distinctive new woodgrain structure, finished with the aesthetically pleasing, smooth matt surface finish of Premier Matt.

The bespoke engraving of the woodgrain design is very visual and has been specifically created so that it replicates the movement of paint as it flows in to the depths of the rounded valleys, culminating in a very realistic and pleasing effect.

The Premier Matt surface is produced using an innovative Physical Surface Treatment (PST) technology to create a superior frictionless matt appearance that is also an extremely tough and functional finish. Premier Matt benefits from a number of superior properties, including anti-fingerprint, scratch and stain resistance, easy cleaning and thermal healing properties.

Renolit has developed three interesting colours that enhance the visual and tactile qualities of the Paintflow surface finish.

Premium White is a striking, bright and fresh colour suitable for all interior furniture applications around the home, including kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and bedrooms. The texture of the material is pronounced through the combination of a white colour palette allowing light to augment the definition of the emboss.

Pearl Grey Paintflow is a very pleasant warm grey colour that can be used to create a peaceful, balanced interior style. The colour enhances the Paintflow surface texture, highlighting its distinct woodgrain engraving and superior matt finish to create an aesthetic that is exquisite both visually and by touch. 

Reed Green Paintflow is a mid-tone green that offers a serene, subtle alternative to more popular darker shades of green in the market. Reed Green falls centrally into the evolving green interior design trend and its association with the environment. Creating a connection with nature, the biophilic concept allows people to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle by incorporating a colour palette that feels affiliated with the natural world.

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