Galaxy is the latest addition to Mirka’s innovative abrasive line-up. It has been designed and developed from the ground up by the R&D team in Jeppo, Finland, to provide a tough, capable, and clever abrasive that will help increase productivity, while opening up new revenue streams for your business.


The blue ceramic grains have been engineered to stay sharp through the formation of abrasive edges when they break down during the sanding process. This enables Galaxy to continue cutting from edge to edge, which, in turn, increases the lifespan of the abrasive, while also ensuring a fast cut. In addition, the scratch pattern of finer grits is especially easy to polish out. 

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It is a multi-purpose abrasive that is suitable for sanding both soft and hard materials as well as various substrates that are prevalent in the wood sectors. 


Galaxy is the first abrasive in Mirka’s line-up to come with the new Multifit ™ concept for hole configuration. This new technology, designed by the R&D team, provides the user with optimised hole placement, and allows the abrasive to be placed on any machine without the need to align the holes. Multifit™ also has specifically alternating hole sections and grip areas to direct and channel the dust away from the sanding process, which, combined with Galaxy’s special coating, eradicates clogging.  

The Galaxy line-up has a range of grits for almost every application (40-2,000) and is available in discs from 77mm to 225mm; 81x133mm strips; and 70x70mm perforated rolls.

For more information, and to find out how Galaxy can help your business, visit the Mirka UK website or contact your local Mirka representative.