ECS (Environmental Compliance Solutions), based in Staffordshire, offers compliance services specifically to waste wood and biomass boiler operators. Amy Fielding, company founder and director, has been working within the waste to energy market since the mid 1990s.

The main focus of the company is supporting participants of the NDRHI (Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive), to ensure that they are meeting ongoing obligations to the scheme and relevant environmental regulations. The aim is to adopt a proactive approach and protect their biomass boiler investment. 

There are a number of elements to take care of, some of which include: correct fuel reporting, BSL (Biomass Suppliers Listing), fuel quality and contamination, permitting and planning. 

Ofgem, the administrators of the RHI scheme, are obliged to ensure that participants adhere to the regulations and ECS are best placed to help with this.  

The regulatory requirements for the installation and operation of biomass boilers have tightened up significantly since they have become a popular investment to use on-site generated waste wood and produce energy, rather than sending to landfill. This is to ensure the fuel used is suitable for the plant design and does not have a detrimental effect on air quality.

There are new fuel quality standards being introduced in April this year and it is essential that operators of biomass boilers can prove they can meet them. This will either be by applying to Woodsure who manage the BSL (Biomass Suppliers Listing) or self-reporting to Ofgem. ECS can also assist with waste wood classification. 

If you are a participant of the RHI scheme and using waste wood as a fuel, it is important you can demonstrate to Ofgem that the fuel meets the regulations in terms of biogenic content and as listed on the RHI emissions certificate or environmental permit. ECS works with a highly respected UKAS accredited fuels analysis company, complementing their compliance offering. 

Amy Fielding is also part of the REA (Renewable Energy Association) Wood Heat Form Steering Group committee and the Woodsure (BSL) Fuel Quality and Waste Advisory Panel, meaning that she and her colleagues are kept abreast of RHI and environmental policy.   

ECS offers a flexible and pragmatic approach towards helping operators of biomass and waste wood boilers, from ongoing support subscriptions to one-off compliance works. 

For help or advice, please contact Amy Fielding, quoting ‘FP Spring 2022’ on 01785 859 225, email or call 07540 576 571.