For more than 10 years, Ostermann’s extensive range of edgings has carried the option to obtain any edgings for processing with zero bondline technologies. There is an individual edging solution available for each processing technology.

The service includes fast delivery, competent advice and continuous development of products. In addition to the polyolefin-based functional layer quality that has been used for years, an even higher quality solution based on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) has been available for some time.

Furniture makers who want to process boards with hot air, laser or near infrared (NIR) technology can obtain the right edgings from Ostermann. All three solutions – TPU Airtec, TPU Laser and TPU Infratec – are available for the entire range of materials, colours, and decors.

During production, the stock items are provided with a functional layer specially designed for the respective technology. They can be coated in a great number of standard colours, such as white, natural, beige, brown, grey and black, as well as in other new colours. This means that all edgings, colours and decors are available for processing with zero bondline technologies within a very short time. Find all information on the products by typing in the search item “TPU” on the Ostermann website

Advantages of TPU zero bondline edgings

TPU is the abbreviation for thermoplastic polyurethane. The material is highly resistant and is characterised by a very high shear strength. TPU zero bondline edgings provide anindustry-comparable solution for edgebanding. The functional layer of the TPU edgings consists of 100% plastic, which leads to a hard, yet permanently elastic joint with a strong bond. The functional layer cures quickly, which prevents smearing at the units during post- processing, even at high feed speeds.

The bondline does not shrink when drying out. Due to the hardness of the functional layer, the joint will not deteriorate over the longer term. This results in excellent continuous use properties of the finished workpieces.

Numerous in-house tests have shown the high water resistance of TPU zero bondline edgings, in addition to a heat resistance of up to 150° C.

Fast delivery of small quantities

TPU Airtec, TPU Laser and TPU Infratec edgings from Ostermann are available from just one
roll. For ABS edgings with 1mm thickness this means a minimum purchase of only 225m.

For ABS edgings with a thickness of 2mm, the minimum order is only 150m. The edgings are supplied in any width from 16 to 60mm and ready for dispatch in four working days.

Competent partner for the trade

More than 10 years of experience, an in-house machine park with the various edgebanding machines and zero bondline technologies, as well as permanent tests to guarantee the high quality of the products. Thanks to the close exchange between Ostermann’s own application engineers and the processing customers, the zero bondline edgings are also subject to continuous further development.