Wood burning stoves produce more fine particle pollution than all the road traffic in Britain according to new government data.

Over the last 10 years, emissions caused by domestic wood burners have increased by a third, research by DEFRA has found. 

It is claimed that 17% of fine particle pollution in the UK was produced by domestic stoves in homes, compared with 13% from road transport.

Industrial wood-fired boiler and heaters, that are automatically fed, have produced the opposite effect. Current UK legislation on industrial wood-fired boilers and heaters have a limit of 60mg/m3 on all plants capable of burning 90kgs/hr or more. 

The Ranheat ceramic flue gas filtration system takes particulate down to less than 2mg/m3, removing almost all pm 2.5s (particulate matter 2.5 microns). The ceramic filter elements contained within the filter housing (280 filters on a 1MW boiler) draw the hot flue gasses through the elements with the particles collecting on the outside of the tubes. The elements are automatically cleaned by a pulse of compressed air blown backwards through each of the tubes.

Domestic wood burners are receiving bad press at the moment, and people are rightly looking at the merits of any hand-loaded wood-fired heating appliance. 

Ranheat’s range of industrial wood-fired boilers and heaters are all automatically fed, have a minimum of multi-cyclone flue gas cleaning or full ceramic filtration systems fitted. In hi NOx areas of the country the NOx emissions from industrial wood-burners are lower than the ambient air levels that the boiler takes in for combustion air.

Ranheat’s range of ceramic flue gas cleaning equipment can be retrofitted to all makes of industrial wood fired boilers. Those with a boiler or heater that does not meet the new regulations have until 2030 to make the changes.

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