The striking dp-fantasy collection is part of the dp-décor range from Decorative Panels Lamination. This range of surface finishes comprises an array of stylish paper foils ideally suited for a whole host of interiors. 

Constant design innovation and trend analysis has resulted in a collection of designs that will inspire and enable manufacturers and specifiers in the challenge of an ever-changing marketplace. 

The fantasy collection brings together realistic finishes that do not compromise on performance. From the Geometric print of Trigolo in both black and white, to the more subtle linen finishes of Hessian and Linen Twist, there is a design for all styles.

Greta CF82 is a classic herringbone design which is extremely on trend, flourishing from the recent demand for geometric prints. Oxide Concrete CF83 adds a cool industrial edge to any furniture piece or kitchen. For a more toned-down feel it can be paired with any of the brand’s pastel colours from Dust Pink CU35 to Fjord CU28. 

For a statement look use Trigolo Black CF80 or Trigolo White CF81 on furniture fronts, or why not use both to create a bold monochrome design. Marble Rocks CF85 is available through special order and will instantly elevate your design to create a luxurious finish without the cost of processing the real thing.

Both Hessian CF10 and Linen Twist CF01 are two neutral tones perfect for many homeowners wanting to create a peaceful interior. These combine well with muted greens to bring nature indoors. 

When you factor in the vast range of substrates available in various widths and thicknesses, with foils available ex-stock, the dp-decor range is a highly competitive offering. 

Advancements in material technology within the printing industry have brought incredibly elevated levels of design realism to the finished product. Digital technology used in the creation of the artwork and the engraving of the printing cylinders, plus the development of the optical lacquer technology, have contributed to not only the visual appeal of designs but also added tactile qualities that have previously not been available.

The surface resistance of paper foils has also increased, with the majority now being able to meet FIRA 6250 and BS6222 severe use so they can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms on all but worktops.

Of course, one of the significant advantages of using paper foil as a surface material is that as well as being flat laminated to board it can be profile wrapped to provide fully matching parts, offering a perfect solution for framed doors, corner posts, pelmets, and any matching moulding requirements.

Decorative Panels Lamination is constantly developing the range of designs available to ensure that the collection reflects the latest trends within the market. 

Get in touch for samples of the dp-fantasy Collection or any design within the dp-décor range.