Longstanding experience in the business of woodworking machinery, over 250 installations in the UK and Ireland, an export share close to 85 percent and revenues growing exponentially as a result of strong focus on products and on the peculiarities of each market, and even more on the real needs of users. This is an up-to-date profile of Salvamac Group, an international network with four production units based between Italy and Poland. 

The company has succeeded in acquiring a leading role in woodworking solutions, offering a wide range of machines from entry-level models to sophisticated automation, all sharing the same mission: increasing the speed, accuracy, profitability and safety of wood cutting and dust extraction.

This is the approach Salvamac adopted to enter the UK market, where it has been operating for many years. “We always pay great attention to this market, a sign of our determination to achieve success in a very important market”, says Christian Salvador, founder of Salvamac Group.

“A positive balance for Salvamac, with results that – after the start and the inevitable “calm” of recent years – have been improving again, thanks to restored market stability and most of all to the increasing market shares acquired by Salvamac Group.”

With this personal and company philosophy, the business finds continuous space for innovative new ideas, products and production systems.

The leading product within Salvamac’s optimising saw range is the SalvaPush_2000_TT – an optimising saw equipped with a pusher characterised by maximum flexibility, that has recently been equipped with a new system for the automatic unloading of cut pieces.

The three-axis heavy duty ejector pushes the complete sequence of the cut pieces during the phase of retraction of the pusher, before unloading the cut pieces on a special collecting area. The new system can also select the single cut piece and eject it to maintain the cutting sequence.

The automation is completed by a new trap door system that, thanks to the innovative solution that allows the trap door to open and close, is fixed on the cutting machine unit, in a unique system with more accuracy and bigger capacity.

Beyond automation, recent developments have focused on a brand new version of software which allows anyone to manage it simply and completely like a smartphone, with website graphics and all the practicality for setting data of a large touch screen, in digital communication among all electronic components.

Not only that, the recent developments in bar-code data import and the relative “just in time” management systems (from the development of the customer’s order to the finished product) make it a unique solution on the market for production processes, even in single batches.

Flexible and cutting-edge technical solutions make it possible to communicate both upstream and downstream with company software management, thus creating fundamental principles of industry 4.0.

The cutting range is also complemented by the Classic cutting saws, characterised by the 3S of Salvamac’s philosophy – Solid, Simple and Safe.

Solid, because they are designed and made to work even in difficult conditions and with heavy wood. The structure is made entirely of hard painted steel, very thick and very resistant.

Safe, thanks to the two-hand safety control in an ergonomic position and the blade protection cover. 

Simple, because the ease of use is increased by the new successful Salvastop 100 device; the evolution of the numerical control length positioning and stop system. This solution saves on labour costs, increases productivity and decreases the occurence of human error.