Architect, Trix van der Mark, from Interieurwerken Bone Solid in the Netherlands created this unique kitchen to bring an unexpected spin on sleek, elegant design. HIMACS proved the perfect fit for the project, with its play on shapes and curves.  

The customer wanted an original kitchen, with organic and fluid shapes that create more of a work of art than a kitchen, all while maintaining the functionality. The specifications required a versatile, robust, hygienic material and a flawless design.

“In the quest for an innovative material, the customer came to us following a recommendation from Baars & Bloemhoff, a HIMACS distributor in the Netherlands,” says Trix. “She was looking for a company that could tell her more about HIMACS in terms of its possibilities, treatment and design. She was immediately thrilled by the way the material could blend into a space and become its centerpiece.” 

To preserve the space’s modern look, the façades and worktop of the island were created in HIMACS to produce harmonious, perfect curves. The result is a seamless design with a HIMACS sink, a hob, three drawer units, a cupboard, an open space for towels and a dishwasher.

This innovative island demonstrates not only how versatile HIMACS is: infinitely thermoformable and non-porous with no visible seams, but also how a clear vision and understanding of the material by the designer means that there really are infinite possibilities.