Mirka UK focused on tooling automation and innovation at KBB, with the UK show debut of the new Mirka® AIOS 353CV on stand T60. Throughout the event, Mirka 

ran live demos of this new electric sanding head designed for Cobot usage to highlight how it makes the toughest jobs look easy. 

The new Mirka® AIOS 353CV with its 81x133mm head has been engineered for finessing to ensure consistent quality, while increasing efficiency and productivity. Its rectangular design makes it suitable for industrial processes such as furniture, door, and window manufacturing, where a rectangular sanding solution is required.

The sander is built inside a lightweight aluminium housing, which features an ISO 9409-1 compatible flange for mechanical robot coupling. This tool also offers the end user maximum flexibility because the flange can be adapted to fit all mechanical couplings. 

To complement the Mirka® AIOS, a comprehensive range of hand sanders will be spearheaded by the Mirka® DEROS sander, which has been developed to deliver a rapid, efficient, consistently powerful performance even under a heavy load. It also puts the user first with an ergonomic design that minimises vibration levels and reduces arm fatigue, which decreases the risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome.

The Mirka® AROS battery sander and Mirka® DEOS will also be on display. The AROS-B is a brushless, battery-driven cordless sander that has both orbital and random orbital movements. It has been developed for use across multiple solid surface sanding operations including finessing, and Corian® sanding applications. It allows the user to maximise productivity, while producing the high quality and consistently smooth finish expected from Mirka tools. 

The DEOS has been designed to get closer to the surface, easily accessing hard to reach areas and delivering a flawless smooth finish quicker than other sanders. In addition, it is the only electric orbital sander on the market that has been optimised for net abrasives by incorporating more than 45 holes in the pad.

“Over the last few years, we have seen businesses investing in automated manufacturing processes and our R&D team has been hard at work developing tools to meet this demand,” says Pete Sartain, national sales manager – Industrial of Mirka UK. “An example of this development is the AIOS, which we demoed throughout the event to highlight its versatility across multiple applications.”