In times of change and uncertainty such as these, peace, relaxation and security are desirable qualities in our interiors. For Interprint, looking into the past can help find this state of mind, reflected in its Back To Nature, Back to the Roots & Back to the Essential campaign. Here, Interprint explains the concepts, and how its decors can bring these into the home. 

Back to nature

“We are all part of nature. Inspired by this realisation, a rethinking of interior design is in progress. Influenced by the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic, the ancient concept of the perception of beauty, charm is not created in perfection, but in imperfection. A world view that is also reflected in the decors of the Back to nature collection.”

Back to the roots

“Living local culture. Discovered objects that have been telling stories for generations. Masterly craftsmanship. The fast-moving digital world needs counterpoints. Highest of esteem. Authentic. Honest. The Back to the roots collection made by Interprint gently brings the past into the present with different textures. And thus makes it possible to deepen the connection to one’s own home. To intensify – to fill it with life.”

Back to the essentials 

“A tidy mind only feels at ease in a tidy environment. Personal wellbeing increases in spaces of relaxation – in which the senses come to rest. Only what is essential, means something. Only what has meaning, can be loved and valued. Back to the essentials enables the creation of living spaces in which we can find our way back to ourselves, where we can recharge our batteries and where we can feel at home.”

The three new Back to ... trend concepts from Interprint are the beginning of an idea, and of reframing our approach to furnishing. The following Interprint decors bring these trends into the home:


Memy is a concrete-based ceramic decor. Small, light stone inclusions create a microstructure, interrupted by subtle quartz veins passing through. Thus presenting a lively look. Memy is a decor that can be used perfectly on big surfaces, on fronts or worktops.


Tammi is a classic oak design in a natural interpretation. A lot of movement is created by the large, partially straight-cut flowers in combination with curvy stripes. The wood structure shows a clearly recognisable pore pattern and a series of medium-sized knots, characteristically highlighted with white pigment.


Blacksmith is a metal surface with a cool industrial look. Rust in various layer regions offers strong colours and leaves quite an impact. But the corrosion that makes such a harsh impression suddenly becomes soft as part of the interplay. Elevated and deep structures in the layers create a cloudiness that rid the rolled material of the coldness it seems to have on first look.

“Think global, act local” has been the philosophy of Interprint for more than 50 years. With approximately 1,300 employees worldwide, 390 of them at the headquarters in Arnsberg, Interprint is one of the leading decor printers. 

The innovative and creative decors design the surfaces of numerous wood-based materials, which are then processed into furniture or flooring and used in interior design. Interprint has been part of the Japanese Toppan Group since 2019, which has multiplied the product range and technical possibilities.