What stops a smaller manufacturer buying a beam saw? For many, it comes down to three things: space, cost and operator skill. Holz-Her’s new Linea 6015 beam saw has been designed with all these factors in mind, however, offering you all the benefits of a beam saw, without the perceived disadvantages. 

Space can be a big problem for the smaller manufacturer, but not with the new Linea 6015 beam saw. With an operational footprint of just 6 x 4.7m, it requires the same amount of space as a sliding table panel saw. Plus, it’s also been designed with a 1,800mm sliding door to the side of the machine, giving you access to over 6m2 of usable storage space beneath the workings of the machine. 

The machine’s price tag and running costs may also surprise you. Designed to offer exactly what a smaller manufacturer needs, the new Linea 6015 boasts technology that cuts usage costs, labour costs and time. Thanks to Holz-Her’s energy-saving saw concept, it offers an energy saving of up to 46% with each cut and with its time-controlled shutdown, the overall running costs of the machine remain low. Cutting cycles can also be reduced thanks to its three-sheet, book-cutting capabilities and with Opti-Cut software, the margin for error and material wastage is also lowered. 

Then there’s the Linea’s extreme cutting power. With its optional 11kW sawing unit, it’s perfectly suited to hard materials like solid wood and core board. It also makes the cutting of multiple sheets in one pass simple and effective. Its energy-saving saw blade has a maximum projection of 68mm and can be adjusted by 20-40mm, whilst its newly developed 2.2 kW optimised pre-scoring system has been designed to offer infinite adjustments with the motor running, saving on set-up time. 

Its electronically-controlled saw carriage – with a feed speed of 0-60m/min, return speed of 70m/min and cutting length of 3100mm – also offers extremely short cycle times and maximum productivity, whilst its software-controlled bi-directional cutting feature, FCM (Fast Cut Mode) can cut grooves in the cutting direction as well as the return. This ensures the shortest possible cycle times for grooving. A light sensor also detects the end of the panel, optimising the cutting stroke. 

The Linea 6015 also comes with air cushioned 1,800 x 600mm support tables and optional end of table rollers to ensure panels can be manoeuvred around the bed without back strain or risk of panel damage when loading and unloading.

Holz-Her’s floating clamp technology, which offers adjustable clamping pressure for delicate materials, also compensates for any irregularities in the panel stack using extremely precise linear guides that are guaranteed for 10 years – standing testament to the build quality of Holz-Her’s machinery range. 

The Linea 6015’s powerful software and intelligent cutting packages simplify the operations of the machine, whilst offering maximum precision and speed in every cut. Operated remotely or via the beam saw’s pivoting 21.5” multi-touch monitor, cutting plans can be intuitively programmed, with parts lists uploaded manually or imported from an ERP system as CSV files.

Further optimised material and off-cut management programmes are also available, with 3D real-time simulation offering greater insight into the cutting process and stacking sequence of finished workpieces.

Holz-Her’s Easy Label module also opens up new possibilities for designing labels tailored to your production. From logos, edging information and data matrix codes for CNC machining to important workpiece information that assists with secondary machining, Industry 4.0 is a reality in the smallest of workshops. 

“Is a beam saw more capable and easier to use than a sliding table panel saw?” says Paul Nightingale, national sales manager of Holz Her UK. “Does it need a less skilled operator? Can it up productivity? Can it deliver on precision? Yes, the Linea 6015 can. Holz-Her has been designing beam saws for many years and now we’ve condensed the very best cutting technology into a compact package that truly benefits the smaller manufacturer. 

“No longer restricted by size, operator skill or price tag, our new Linea 6015 beam saw offers a viable alternative to a traditional table saw.”