Elcon vertical panel saws offer world-leading cutting technology suitable for a wide range of materials, including wood-based panels, composites and non-ferrous metals. Amongst the many available options across the range, three key features are proving increasingly popular: electro-pneumatic scoring; Advance panel clamping and Limpio dust extraction. 

The electro-pneumatic scoring system is ideal when working with faced material to prevent chipping and breakout. The system allows pre-scoring of the panel using the main blade, crucially without the need for a separate scoring unit and the headaches that come with setting it. The system can be engaged and disengaged from conveniently positioned push button on the plunge arm.

Effective and efficient dust can be hard to achieve on traditional wall saws. The patented and award winning Limpio extraction system from Elcon greatly reduces dust emissions by simultaneously extracting waste from both the front and rear of the panel. The saw blade runs in an almost completely enclosed area reducing dust emission values to less than 0.5mg/m3. The system is particularly advantageous when cutting large volumes of fibrous or cementitious material minimising airborne waste entering the operating area.

Traditionally with any vertical panel saw sheets are processed from the top down, with horizontal strips first cut prior to a secondary operation of crosscutting to finished sizes. The operator must use their trailing hand or wedges to support the strip during the horizontal cut to stop it falling back onto the blade.

The Advance system turns the cutting process on its head. Once the machine is loaded, clamps descend and grab the panel(s) from above, taking the full weight and allowing a single operator to work the material from the bottom up. Horizontal strip cuts sit on the base of the machine needing no additional support. Each strip can then be immediately crosscut while the rest of the board remains in the clamps minimising repeat panel handling.

For more information on the Elcon range of vertical panel saws contact sole distributors, Daltons Wadkin, on 0115 986 5201, info@daltonswadkin.com or www.daltonswadkin.com.