Homag’s track record of designing and manufacturing innovative CNC machining centres has established the brand as a global market leader. To enhance its popular CNC range, Homag developed the state-of-art technology used in its latest edge banding unit – the powerEdge Pro Duo.

The accumulation of over 30 years of industry-leading research in contour edge banding systems culminated in the evolution of this unit, which is available on Homag’s Centateq E-310, E-500 and E-700 CNC processing centres.

One unit for all with first-time accuracy

Designed with versatility and simplicity of use in mind, every component of the unit is equipped with the latest sensors and control algorithms, making it easier and quicker than ever to get the perfect edge. 

The latest model can produce the desired result from the very first workpiece. This means that fine adjustment or multiple test pieces are generally not required, even on challenging shapes. Using exact edge tracing and a feed roller with direct distance measurement, the powerEdge system guarantees that edging tape is applied precisely from start to finish.

This creates options for designing shapes and achieving perfect results in 360-degree gluing even for the smallest components.

The speed, temperature and contact pressure are defined at every point along the contour, with no restrictions on butt joint locations. The pressure roller applies the edge to the workpiece with a precise amount of force for a consistently even finish. With defined temperature technology, the powerEdge Pro Duo system produces perfectly finished workpieces without complicated programming. 

Combined gluing functions 

The powerEdge Pro Duo allows the user to freely switch between conventional hot-melt glue and pre-coated edges or zero-joint edging on one workpiece. The combined operation is possible without the need for a changeover, as the hot air nozzle tool used for reheating hot-melt glue also activates the functional layer of a zero-joint edge.

Using airTec, the powerEdge Pro Duo head achieves the same quality as a laser head for a fraction of the price of laser. This makes invisible joint quality accessible to even more sectors of the industry.

A proven hit with customers

Since its launch in 2020, the powerEdge Pro Duo has been very well received by users. After several months of working with the unit, a spokesperson from a large and well-established interiors construction company concluded: “We have been able to use the unit fully from the very beginning and it has proven its worth.

"It’s very stable and the programming is also significantly easier. Programs can be run with higher feeds than ever allowing the operator to complete the required task more quickly. For us, the unit is a real step forward.”

The perfect pair: Centateq E-310 and powerEdge Pro Duo 

Homag’s Centateq E-310 is a universal CNC processing centre that excels at edge banding on shaped parts. The compact machine offers a high level of performance with an arrangement of units and a wide choice of configuration options for processing spindles, drilling gears and tool changers.

With an array of impressive machining features as standard, the Centateq E-310 is an excellent piece of kit. Basic packages include its powerful 4- and 5-axis routing spindles, travelling tool changers for fast tool changes and a console table with high-precision liner guides and insertion aids. 

The Centateq E-310 makes operation easy with a large viewing window allowing all essential functions to be directly in sight. As well as open viewing processes, the table is freely accessible with no fences restricting access for set up or loading. Operators also have full access to the front side of the machine to carry out drill changes, servicing, refilling adhesives and edge changes. 

The latest powerEdge Pro Duo unit makes it simple and quick to achieve perfect edge banding. Coupled with a Homag CNC, such as the Centateq E-310, the pair make for a complete CNC solution.

Homag online demonstrations

Homag now offers live in-person or streamed demonstrations on its products.

For further information, contact Adele Hunt at Homag UK on 01332 856424, or visit www.homag.com