Daltons Wadkin offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of panel saws in the UK. Partnering with leading European manufacturers including Altendorf, Elcon and SCM, the company boasts over 35 different models, including sliding table panel saws, vertical panel saws and beam saws.

When space is at a premium, a vertical panel saw can be the ideal solution. The Elcon range of wall saws is ideally suited for operations where a compact, safe and accurate panel saw is required. 

Machines cater for all standard (and non-standard) panel sizes, with cutting depths from 55 to 150mm. Options such as double-cut scoring and electronic digital readouts guarantees clean, precision cutting.

For maximum versatility, the traditional dimension saw, or sliding table panel saw, has become the cornerstone for many workshops. SCM and Altendorf are key players in the market, with a wide range of machines available. The fundamentals remain the same, with a simple choice of blade diameter, sliding table length and rip fence capacity, but CNC technology now plays a greater role.

For fast and efficient volume processing of panels, a beam saw is the ideal option. SCM’s Gabbiani range is ideal for businesses looking for beam saw automation cutting single or multiple panels. For uninterrupted production, rear and side loading panel feeding options keep the machine continually fed.

For more information or to discuss the right panel sizing solution for you, contact Daltons Wadkin on 0115 986 5201, email info@daltonswadkin.com or visit www.daltonswadkin.com