Join the cordless revolution with Lamello. This September, the Swiss fixings specialist will be launching its first battery powered Classic X and Zeta P2 biscuit joiners in the UK. 

To date, the Zeta P2 biscuit joiner and Classic X biscuit joiner have remained a firm favourite amongst furniture manufacturers and a chosen hand tool for those looking for a fast and effective way to joining panels and solid wood. 

Now, with the launch of the Zeta P2 cordless and Classic X cordless, users can benefit from the same level of precision and flexibility without being restricted by the need for a separate power outlet. 

Putting speed and ease-of-use at the forefront of every application, both models offer full mobility in the workshop or on-site thanks to a powerful 18V LiHd 4.0 Ah battery pack. Cooled by a patented air-cooled system, it’s been designed to offer longer service life and quick charging time.

Both ready-to-use cordless models also offer a quick and easy solution for undertaking overhead work due to their lightweight, cordless design and, with no additional attachments, eliminate any potential trip hazards. 

To coincide with the launch of the new cordless joiners, Lamello has partnered with the Cordless Alliance Systems (CAS), a cross-brand battery pack alliance initiated by Metabo that includes more than 300 machines from 30 reputable manufacturers. This means workshops only need to use one battery pack for multiple tools – saving time and money. 

“The Zeta P2 cordless and Classic X cordless offer users even more flexibility thanks to their battery drive and compact design,” says Shaye Chatfield, Lamello area sales manager for the UK and Ireland. “Performance hasn’t been impacted by the design change either. In fact, the Zeta P2 cordless can easily perform 60 grooves into a Beech panel when using a 4.0 Ah battery or 115 if you upgrade to a 5.5 Ah battery pack, and it takes as little as 80 minutes to fully charge. Plus, when purchasing a cordless product from Lamello, the customer gains access to an open battery pack system that can be used to multiple tools in one workshop.” 

The new cordless machines will be available from 5th September 2022.