Irish forklift manufacturer, Combilift, has added yet another addition to its now extensive electric range with the launch of the Combi-FSE – a four wheeled, two directional sideloader in both 5,000kg or 6,000kg lift capacity.

As part Combilift’s drive to help customers achieve their aims of more sustainable operations, over 60% of the company’s output is now electric. Recent models such as the Combi-XLE and now the Combi-FSE focus on heavier duty application for industry sectors such as timber, steel, tubes & pipes and builders merchants.

Thanks to Combilift’s immense engineering and design experience, the Combi-FSE delivers on all aspects of reliability, durability, powerful performance and ease of maintenance, combined of course with the quiet and emission free electric operation that more and more customers are demanding.

The patented traction system in this new product plays a major part in ensuring the optimum performance of the Combi-FSE in all weather conditions. Sensors in the front steering axle linked to the innovative Electronic Traction Control system enable the two independent 15kW drive motors on the rear axle to be controlled individually, with the speed of each wheel governed by the steer angle of the front wheels to provide improved steering control for the operator, better truck turning radius and reduced tyre wear.

This new technology, when combined with regenerative braking (which recaptures the truck’s kinetic energy during deceleration and can be used to recharge the batteries to extend battery life), makes for Combilift’s most advanced steering system on its four wheeled trucks to date.

The generous glazing of the cab, particularly the roof to floor windscreen, allows the operator to have an excellent field of vison of the load, the machine and the surroundings.

Considerable engineering development to ensure optimum visibility for the driver saw the perfection of the under-deck battery system, with the power pack strategically placed at the rear of the truck between the drive motors - giving a clear line of sight to the rear and when reversing, andguaranteeing the  best operator visibility of any comparable truck. This position also enables safe and easy battery removal from the low-level rear of the truck.

Maintenance time has been kept to a minimum due to key service features such as its quick interchangeable battery for shift work, centralised grease points on the front and rear of the load platform and removable panels for easy access to the motor.

“We introduced our first 4-wheel sideloader around 10 years ago after initial requests from companies in the timber sector, and it has since become pretty much a standard solution for those who run intensive schedules which clock up many operational hours," says Combilift CEO, Martin McVicar. "The technological advancements in battery technology since then means that it was a natural progression to develop this electric model, which will help customers to drastically reduce their carbon footprint.”