Springa Srl has announced that Goliath CNC, "the first portable and autonomous robotic CNC tool" will be at Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg. 

From July 12-15th, visitors can find Springa Srl in Hall 9, Stand 9-310, with a booth area all about Goliath. The company will be hosted by one of its German partners, Schoenberger Holztechnik, and will have its own exhibit area designed and built entirely using Goliath. 

The trade show will offer an unmissable opportunity to see Goliath live and at work on various projects. In fact, the company's smart CNC will be running during the trade fair days so its team can best show how it works, moves, and all the features and capabilities of this tool. 

There will also be a first release of the new UI UX of Slingshot – the custom-designed CAM software that works with Goliath and generates the path of the robot. 

Run large projects, autonomously and anywhere

With Goliath CNC, there are no more stationary boundaries of traditional CNC machines and an affordable and easier way to create human-scale projects. 

Portable: a CNC without a frame, Goliath is designed to be taken anywhere. It can be positioned directly on the work surface, and is so compact that it can be packed away after the project is finished, without taking up any space. 

Precise: the patented sensor system ensures a repeatability of 0.1mm. The three omnidirectional wheels are designed to ensure a smooth movement and a precise  cut in every processing phase. 

Autonomous: thanks to Slingshot, the CAM Slingshot software that generates the machine cutting path, Goliath receives the instructions about the right position to reach to carry out the project. 

Limitless work area: there are effectively no work area limits thanks to the unique sensor system, which guarantees a work area with a diagonal of 3.5m. Moreover, both the sensors and the robot can be repositioned multiple timesto c, easily replicating the work area. Thanks to this innovation, it's now possible to create human-scale projects, even in the smallest laboratory. 

Connected & user-friendly: Goliath and the software, Slingshot, are designed to be used by anyone. Once the project has been drawn and imported into Slingshot, the software calculates the cutting path. The user can check the progress directly from the PC thanks to a user-friendly interface with a step-by-step guide for the setup phase. 

Efficient and clean: the integrated dust collector system has been designed to collect dust, so as to keep the working area clean, ensuring even more precise cuts.