Precise, long-lasting and reliable – the top-selling Freud circular saw blades for industrial panel sizing have it all. The LSB X design not only delivers an exceptional performance but offers exceptional value for money, for furniture makers and panel manufacturers.

An ever-growing number of customers is choosing the Freud LSB X to boost their production and optimise efficiency, without compromising on quality. Let’s take a closer look at the unique features that make the LSB X so valuable ... 

Freud, a worldwide leader in the cutting tool industry and one of the biggest manufacturers of circular saw blades, has always paid great attention to the performance of its tools. For this reason, since 1980, the Italian brand has been producing the so-called TiCo Carbide in-house; a special mixture of Titanium and Cobalt Carbide at the basis of the teeth which brings about superior quality. This formula allows maximum cutting precision and ensures a longer lifespan for the product.

Besides the finest raw materials, an innovative tooth feature secures extended durability. The exceptional Super Square Tooth design has been engineered to perform perfect cuts and, with the opportunity to resharpen up to 25 times, it provides an excellent, cost-saving solution. 

To ensure a clean cut, the resistance performed by the blade teeth plays a key role too. Freud’s Tri-Metal Brazing technology – a copper alloy sandwiched between layers of silver alloy – bonds the TiCo Carbide tips to the steel blade body, granting extra flexibility and super impact resistance. 

Freud’s expertise concerns the blade body as well. To limit pitch build-up, as well as excessive heat during the working process, all Fred LSB X’s are equipped with the industry-first Silver I.C.E. Coating. This superior protection improves chip ejection and, at the same time, maintains a low blade temperature. The reduced friction results in an extended lifetime for the tool.

Freud has always believed in constant investments in R&D, and this is precisely how the tensioning ring technology was developed. A special ring on the blade surface helps the tool remain flat and, consequently, enhances cutting precision and overall saw blade performance. 

Last but not least, Freud’s Anti-Vibration solution represents a winning feature that significantly reduces noise levels during cutting phases. Special body slots, laser cut and filled with thermoplastic polyurethane, considerably minimises the LSB X’s vibrations, securing low noise and perfect finishing.  

The good news is that Freud’s best-in-class blades are available in various diameters, ranging from 250 to 720mm, and are suitable for different application materials, including wood, chipboard, MDF, HPL and Plexiglas. The range is also compatible with the panel sizing machines of the most popular brands. 

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