A kitchen furniture producer has utilised Cascade Cash Management’s Cascade service in order to make its cash work as hard as possible. 

Andrew, director of a company manufacturing kitchen furniture in the North East, received an influx of orders throughout the pandemic. Despite his delight that business was prospering during this global crisis, Andrew found himself time poor and admittedly struggled to balance his focus on leading the business, while maximising the company’s cash. 

Thanks to Cascade Cash Management’s Cascade service, however, Andrew has generated an additional £11,586.19 this financial year for his business, and this continues to grow as interest rates increase.

“Thanks to the extra cash generated, I have been able to upgrade the company website and SEO which allows the overall operation to run more smoothly – and because of this our customer reviews have increased drastically from an average of 3 stars to 5 stars and more business is coming our way through inbound enquiries,” he says. “It really has been a win-win situation.”

Cascade Cash Management is an independent and transparent service created to make savings simple. The unique online platform generates enhanced cash returns and, most attractively, includes every single bank and building society, providing clients with the maximum protection they can obtain on deposits under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme through spreading cash across multiple banking licences

Surish Pal, Cascade’s Head of Sales, works closely with a number of direct customers in the manufacturing industry and is seeing great results in getting better returns on cash for directors. 

“Manufacturing is one area that is really benefiting from putting their cash into our service,” says Surish. “We deliver independent advice, coupled with the best returns and depositor protection in the market through our expert Rates team, tracking every provider and every single savings product on offer in the UK market. Through working with us, FD’s are making the business’s cash work harder, which is helping to cover other rising costs and providing some much need relief.”

Cascade Cash Management aims to make savings simple, helping FD’s and company accountants to administer their cash in a faster, smarter and happier way. The service has over 5,500 savings accounts on offer from Instant Access to five years. The team is passionate about cash savings and delivering the best possible outcomes administering funds on behalf of clients.

“As Cascade Cash Management is celebrating 10 successful years in business, the team is expanding our support to the manufacturing industry and offering the opportunity to receive a free consultation that will help them envision how they can make more of their cash and generate surplus cash with an easy win,” concludes Surish.

“The furniture manufacturing industry is experiencing difficult times with supply chain disruptions, rising costs and recruitment issues, so we are keen to support business leaders where we can and offer a free consultation that will show how easy it is to get lazy cash at the bank to work harder. As an FD or financial controller there’s nothing more satisfying than boosting the bottom line with returns on cash, especially as the UK’s inflation rises!”