Innovation is at the forefront of the Alvic design process. Continuously improving its processes and developing cutting-edge technologies is a standard which has led to many creative solutions in the market.

Panelco understands that innovation is a crucial part of any range and endeavours to always bring the latest innovation to the decorative market, which is why the two brands partner perfectly together.

Panelco has worked closely with Alvic for many years, adapting exclusive designs for the UK market and offering the highest quality products along with superb levels of service. 

Alvic has an innovation centre dedicated to development and research of new products and pioneering technologies. The laboratory – named after the company’s founder, Alejandro Rosales – focuses on the innovative spirit that is shared in this environment, promoting inspiration, creation and development in all areas.

Since the company was founded in 1965, improving quality and versatility in both furniture and interior design has always been the key, maintaining a strong commitment to new trends and always offering developing designs. This is why Panelco chose to partner with Alvic.

Panelco understands that it needs to show designers and manufacturers the very best in the market. The brand wants to have something unique and exclusive, which is why it has invested in its innovation design-led showrooms at its head office in Stoke-on-Trent. Here, Panelco shows large format decors in various forms where you can really see the intricacies of these designs up close. 

Alvic has invested a huge amount of time into its finishes – Luxe the high gloss classic finish, Zenit the supermatt on-trend feel and Syncron, the natural and lifelike texture. Using extraordinary physical-mechanical properties ensures these designs are completely unique. With such versatile surfaces, Alvic products can be used across many areas of the home, but are also suitable for retail environments, offices and hotels.

Panelco has added 12 new designs to its already vast range in various finishes. These can be viewed at its showrooms, or you can order the decorative sample binders, which show all of the effects the brand keeps in stock, plus some new on trend designs which can be ordered with a small MOQ.

Alvic surfaces are high-quality and expertly tested for resistance, abrasion, humidity and scratching, making these panels a superior choice.

Sustainable development is an essential part of the Alvic core value focus. Only certified materials from sustainably managed forests are used, and the industrial processes comply with the environmental protection laws. Separating and recycling 90% of the non-hazardous waste enables Alvic to be more respectful of the environment. Since 2019, waste production has reduced by 5%, further reducing the environmental impact.

Contact Panelco’s sales team today to book an appointment in its design studios or to order samples of the new updated range.

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