As energy prices continue to rise, some business owners are starting to look into alternative options to help them save money on their gas and electricity bills, such as investing in a wood waste heater. 

Managing director of Wood Waste Technology, Kurt Cockroft, has seen an increase in the number of enquiries about wood waste heaters, from businesses who are looking to save money by reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources. 

Wood Waste Technology manufactures wood waste heaters that help businesses save money by recycling waste wood into free factory heating. As well as saving money on heating bills, investing in a wood waste heater also helps businesses save money on skips and other waste disposal charges, as the waste wood no longer needs to be disposed of via other methods. 

“We’re getting an unusually high number of enquiries at the moment,  from worried business owners who are becoming fearful about how much their energy bills might be once the colder weather arrives,” says Kurt.

“It seems they are starting to make enquiries about alternatives now, as they want to have a solution in place before the autumn and winter months as there’s just so much uncertainty, especially as business energy tariffs don’t have a price cap like the domestic market, leaving businesses open to potentially huge increases in their bills.

“Even before the energy price hikes, one of the most popular quotes we hear from our customers after buying a wood waste heater is, “I wish I’d bought one sooner”, because it makes disposing of waste wood so easy, whilst conveniently heating a factory for free. If your business generates or has access to waste wood or sawdust, there’s never been a better time to find out more about wood waste heaters and get a quote.”

Wood Waste Technology offers a full range of wood waste heaters, from small hand fired units to larger fully automatic systems, and all the heaters are manufactured in-house at the company’s head office in Stafford. The company offers site survey and design, as well as manufacture, installation and on-going maintenance – plus services all types of wood waste heaters and supplies genuine spares “up to 60% cheaper” than other suppliers.

For more information on how you can save money by recycling wood waste, call 01785 250400 or visit